Why I'll Always Prefer Canned Cranberry Sauce Over Homemade Recipes

Eating cranberry sauce from the can is one Thanksgiving tradition I’ll never break.

Canned Cranberry Sauce
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For as long as I can remember, the cranberry sauce that's served on my family's Thanksgiving spread has come from a can. Each slice is cut into a perfect half-circle donning ridges on the side from being packed into a can. As I've been introduced to different variations of cranberry sauce over the years, none has ever been able to take the place of the stuff that comes from a can.

Not only do I not want to depart from tradition, but I also prefer the canned cranberry sauce to any homemade recipe I've ever tried. I love the texture, shape, ridges, and dependability of the cranberry sauce that comes from a can. If I encounter a homemade cranberry sauce, I choose to skip it because no matter how it's made, it's not going to taste like the kind that's shaken from a can.

Like many holiday foods, cranberry sauce can be quite a polarizing topic, even amongst the staff at Southern Living. While there are some editors who prefer homemade cranberry sauce, the canned variety also has quite a following. "There's something so beautifully perfect about the texture of canned cranberry sauce, and none of those homemade mess will ever compete," says Senior Digital Food Editor Kimberly Holland. "I don't want to chew my cranberry jelly."


"Why mess with perfection? If it doesn't have ridges from the can, I'm not interested."


Senior Digital News Editor Rebecca Angel Baer sums up her feelings about canned cranberry sauce by saying, "Why mess with perfection? If it doesn't have ridges from the can, I'm not interested."

"Personally, I've never thought that any homemade cranberry sauce is revolutionary enough to spend the time and kitchen space on making with everything else going on to prep for Thanksgiving," adds Associate Editor Kaitlyn Yarborough. "Canned is more than sufficient for the perfect tart bite."

I couldn't agree more.

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