The Best Way to Use an Overripe Avocado

(Other than guacamole.)

How to make an avocado smoothie
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As we've discussed before, it can be difficult to choose an avocado at the exact stage of ripeness you need. But the next time you cut an avocado open and find that it's too soft inside, consider yourself lucky. Because it's time to make an avocado smoothie!

That's right—avocados are great in smoothies. When whipped up in a blender, their smooth, creamy texture adds body to smoothies, making them taste extra rich, even though avocado is full of healthy, good-for-you fats. If the idea of a whole avocado in a drink seems weird, remind yourself that it is actually a fruit. In many cultures, they are even used to many desserts.

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Like any smoothie recipe, you'll need about two cups of liquid (milk, almond milk, or coconut water are all good options), a few handfuls of ice, and a sweetener, because avocados aren't naturally sweet. Try adding a frozen banana, a few teaspoons of honey or maple syrup, some sweetened yogurt, or a handful of frozen berries, or chopped frozen pineapple or mango. At this point, you could put everything in a food processor and blitz away, but you can also use this recipe as a foundation for a more flavorful and filling avocado smoothie. This recipe should make enough for two large smoothies or four small ones.

Here are a few more add-in ideas:

-Two to four tablespoons of peanut or almond butter (skip this if you're using pineapple or mango)

-Fresh baby spinach leaves (to boost the green color of the avocado)

-A teaspoon of ground flax seeds

-A pinch of cinnamon

-A squeeze of fresh lime juice (delicious if you're using berries, pineapple, or mango)

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