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If you're making an apple pie, cobbler, a big batch of homemade applesauce, or any recipe that calls for peeled apples, you're going to need a produce peeler. Sure, a regular old paring knife can get the job done, but you'll probably trim away a lot of apple flesh along with the skin. A peeler will prevent you from cutting off too much and is more ergonomic. It feels better in your hand than a knife, especially if you're peeling apples by the dozen.

But which type of peeler is best? Take a quick look on Amazon or browse the kitchen tools section of any home goods store and you'll find all sorts of peelers, from old-fashioned hand-cranked models to super sleek stainless steel ones that can also julienne zucchini, make citrus peel twists, or hull strawberries.

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Those extra bells and whistles might be fun, but it turns out, the simplest—and cheapest!—design is the way to go. Our Test Kitchen pros (and more than 3,000 Amazon customers) swear by a basic Y-shaped peeler, like this one from Kuhn Rikon, which comes in a set of three. The Y-shaped handle is easy to grip whether you're left or right handed and makes it easy to peel rounded produce like apples, potatoes, and winter squash—it even has a small rounded corner to remove any bad spots from fruits and vegetables.

Most importantly, this peeler has a very sharp carbon steel blade, which won't become dull over time. Whether you buy this peeler, or a similar one, make sure the blade is carbon steel (not stainless steel). And be sure to wash and dry the blade completely in between uses to keep it in good shape and prevent it from rusting.