Check Out This Special Tab on the French's Mustard Bottle and Improve Your Sandwich Game

“No mess, no fuss, and life is good again,”

Yellow plastic squeeze bottles of French's mustard sauce
Photo: Roberto Machado Noa / Contributor

When you're making deviled eggs, potato salad, or deviled-egg potato salad, yellow mustard is the key to getting a good tangy flavor and a brilliant yellow hue. Sure, you could use Dijon or spicy brown mustard, but it's just not going to be same in taste, color, or zip. The same is true when making South Carolina mustard barbecue sauce or topping off a Pub Sub. The only down side to good old French's yellow mustard is trying to get the condiment out of the bottle.

In a video shared on YouTube, and recently resurfaced by clever folks at The Kitchn, Chris Notap illustrates the challenges of applying mustard to your sandwich. "You make your favorite sandwich; you get your chicken out, you get your cucumber, and then you get the mustard, and it pours all over the lid, or it drags through and rips everything off," he says in the video. We'll add to that list of mustard grievances: Trying to measure out a precise teaspoon of yellow mustard to make an egg salad sandwich worthy of Augusta National only to have half of it end up in the cap. It's frustrating, right? Well, thanks to Notap's video, we will never suffer through that aggravating situation again.

In the video, Notap points out a little-known feature on the mustard bottle—a little piece of plastic located behind the lid. When he pushes the lid back, it locks it into place. Once the lid is locked and out of the way, he demonstrates how easy it is to get the mustard right where it's needed. "No mess, no fuss, and life is good again," he says in the video.

Watch the video above and you'll never get mustard on your lid again.

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