Find answers to all of your Food Awards questions. 
Food Awards 2015 Condiment Winners
Credit: Hector Sanchez

Q: What does Southern-made mean?
A: Your product is eligible if it meets these criteria. 1) Your product must originate and/or be made in the South (AL, AR, DE, DC, FL, GA, KY, LA, MD, MS, MO, NC, OK, SC, TN, TX, VA, WV). Example: If your company is based in Florida, but your product is manufactured in Michigan, you are still eligible

Q: My product is brand new and not available for purchase yet. Can I still enter?
A: Your product must be accessible to our readers by being available in retail stores and/or online by the time of publication (May 20, 2016). In certain cases, we may ask for supporting documents or details to prove that you will be able to fulfill orders at the time of publication.

Q: How new does my product have to be to enter?
A: Your product's first on-sale date must be no earlier than January 1, 2012. Example: If your jam company was founded in 2002, but your newest flavor came out in March of 2014, you are still eligible.

Products published with an on-sale date before 2012 are left to the discretion of the editors.

Q: May I submit more than one product?
A: Yes, multiple products from one company and/or multiple flavors of one product will be accepted.

Q: How do I enter my product?
A: Download and fill out the Southern Living Food Awards entry form. Attach it along with a high-resolution photo of your product and any other materials such as press kits to an e-mail and send to Next, send your product(s) to 4100 Old Montgomery Highway Birmingham, Alabama 35209. Perishable and/or frozen products should be sent by appropriate shipping methods. Editors reserve the right to disqualify or ask for resubmission of any product that is received in an inedible state. Entries brought in-person will not be considered.

Q: What if my product has special instructions for serving?
A: Please include any cooking or serving instructions with your product if it requires further explanation.

Q: What if my product doesn't fit the categories on the entry form?
A: For any products that don't fall under the listed categories, e-mail

Q: When are the entry deadlines?
A: Products must be received by December 14, 2016. Any products received after that date will not be eligible for consideration.

Q: Who judges the Southern Living Food Awards?
A: The awards are judged by a group of Southern Living editors.

Q: Do winners receive a prize?
A: The winners will be featured in a special section of the June 2016 issue and They will also be considered by our editors to be featured in our tasting tent at the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival.

Q: How will I know I won?
A: The winners will be determined by mid-January. An editor at Southern Living will contact winners to discuss further project details. Entrants are asked to refrain from e-mailing and/or calling during the selection process.