Say goodbye to olive oil anxiety.
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olive oil from amazon
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Finding the right olive oil can be confusing. Not only are there are endless options, but to make matters worse, the prices are all over the place. If you're a busy home cook and you often find yourself lost in the grocery store mulling over cold press and extra virgin options, and debating the merits of Italian and Spanish preparations, we've got good news.

In her new book, Salt Fat Acid Heat, chef Samin Nosrat offers great tips for finding an everyday olive oil. According to Nosrat, one of the best options is totally affordable, and you can buy it at Costco, HuffPost reports. That's right. Nosrat gave Kirkland Signature Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil rave reviews, and it's available in 2-liter bottles for just $21.49 at Costco, or for $1 more on Delicious!

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Nosrat notes that Kirkland's olive oil "regularly scores well on independent administered quality analyses." Throw in the fact that you can get a whole heap of it for a great price, and we're sold!

For those who don't have a Costco membership, Nosrat also counts Seka Hills, Katz and California Olive Ranch as her go-to standbys.

Now get cookin' ya'll!