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Make the Holidays Easier With These 14 Wine Delivery Services

Stock up on bundles from Firstleaf, Winc,, and more brands. 
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December is often full of holiday parties and gatherings with friends and family—which may involve lots of wine. To keep the wine flowing all season long, consider using a wine delivery service, such as a wine club, wine subscription, or even local delivery, to get bottles shipped from the store to your home without any fuss.

Companies like Winc, Firstleaf, and Laithwaites offer recurring wine shipments of amazing bottles from all over the world. In addition, wine clubs give you access to rare labels that aren't always found in stores, and many even personalize the orders to your exact taste preferences. For one-time deliveries, look to a company like Harry & David, which features wine baskets that make ideal gifts. If you're scrambling to find what you need before an event, services like Drizly and Total Wine are here to save the day with quick turnaround times.

No matter what your wine needs are over the holidays (and the rest of the year), wine delivery services keep the party going so you won't have to leave to get another bottle. 

The 14 Best Wine Delivery Services in 2021

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Best Overall Wine Delivery: Firstleaf

Buy It: Starting at $15;

Firstleaf is a favorite among wine club enthusiasts, with a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. The customer-centric wine club curates each wine box specifically for you, seeking out the best wines from all over the world to fit your desired tastes. Using data from its introductory quiz and a stellar customer rating system, Firstleaf ensures every shipment becomes more customized than the last. Recurring subscriptions cost $39.95 for the first box and $90 for each box after. Every shipment contains six bottles, and memberships can be modified at any time. Individual bottles and bundles are also available for delivery. I personally tried this service and loved how easy it was. The flavors were delicious and I discovered new wines that I ended up loving. Due to the personalized boxes and the quality of the wine, I've recommended Firstleaf to many of my friends and family.

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Best for Monthly Wine Deliveries: Winc

Buy It: Starting at $12.99;

Winc is a personalized wine club that puts you in the driver's seat. Sign up by completing a short questionnaire to assess your preferences, including favorite flavor profiles and wine regions of interest, and then receive your recommendations. Select which ones you'd like to keep or nix, and the bottles you choose will be delivered right to your door. After each delivery, you can rate your wines to get an even more personalized box the next time. Winc is a winery and wine club, so all wines are actually made in-house, using a minimal intervention method. Though production is local, the grapes are sourced internationally, so you'll have a diverse experience with every sip. Wines range from $12.99 to $74.99 per bottle, and the varied membership prices reflect that (subscriptions require a minimum of three to four bottles). As a holiday special, when you use the code HOLIDAY25, you'll receive your first box of four wines for $24.95, plus free shipping. Additionally, Winc is partnering with Food52, so when you sign up for the membership, you'll also receive a 12-piece glassware set (while supplies last).

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Best Global Wine Delivery Service:

Buy It: Starting at $4.97;

Thanks to a massive inventory of international wines, provides nearly every sipping experience you can imagine to get you through the holidays. With red, white, sparkling, rosé and more, there's a wine option for a wide variety of taste palates. Featured wine regions include Italy, Australia, Argentina, Germany, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa, Israel, Greece, and Armenia, to name a few. delivers individual bottles—like the 2019 La Crema Sonoma Coast Chardonnay, a perfect pairing with shrimp scampi—as well as bundles, such as the Napa Valley Wine Trio. Need a gift? A wine subscription like the Picked Wine Club is sure to delight your friends and family all year long. Boxes cost $90, but you can get $50 off your first box with the code PICK50

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Best Mix of Red and White Wine: Laithwaites

Buy It: Starting at $17.99;

If you can't decide between red and white wine, Laithwaites offers a wide selection of both varieties. Fill out the "my taste" quiz for up to 20 expert-curated wine recommendations. You can then add individual bottles and bundles to your cart. The lowest bottle price is $17.99, but if you decide to join the wine club for recurring deliveries, your first box of six bottles comes out to just $49.99 (with free shipping). Each subsequent box of 12 bottles, delivered every three months, costs $159.99 (plus a $19.99 tax and shipping fee). You can pause or skip an order, or cancel your subscription, at any time.

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Best Boxed Wine Delivery: Boxt

Buy It: Starting at $70;

Boxt is a California-based wine company that uses compostable wooden boxes instead of glass bottles or plastic containers to reduce carbon emissions. Each box holds four bottles' worth of wine and keeps it fresh five weeks longer than glass bottles that've been opened. With eight flavor profiles of red and white wines, Boxt aims to suit most wine drinkers. Memberships start at $74 for a single box, but drop to $70 per box when your monthly order includes two or more boxes (shipping is included).

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For Napa Valley Wine: The Vice Wine

Buy It: Starting at $7;

Based in the wine capital of the U.S., The Vice Wine has a huge assortment of Napa Valley wines like cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, and zinfandel. Depending on your needs, you can have single bottles, bundles, and gift sets delivered to your home, or you can join the NDA wine club for monthly subscription boxes. Prices start at $7 for individual canned wines and go up to $420 for the Luxury Cabernet Gift Box. Memberships range from $89 to $365 depending on the level and quantity of bottles you select. If you want to bring the vineyard experience into your kitchen, you can also opt for a virtual tasting involving one of four tasting boxes that includes tasting notes and a private virtual session with The Vice's founder and winemaker Malek Amrani. When it comes to delivering great Napa Valley wines from vineyard to table, The Vice Wine has got you covered.

Credit: Courtesy of Wine of the Month Club

Best Wine Club Delivery: Wine of the Month Club

Buy It: Starting at $10.99;

For classic wine delivery, Wine of the Month Club is a staple, having originated in 1972. With 13 different wine clubs, 11 gift subscriptions, and a huge selection of individual wine gifts, you really can't go wrong with this club and its many offerings. If you need the wine delivered in time for Christmas, order by December 14 for ground shipping, December 19 for two- to three-day shipping, and December 21 for one- to two-day shipping. Wine of the Month Club memberships can be altered at any point. Before purchasing, visit the website to see if your state accepts wine shipments.

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Best Wine Basket Delivery: Harry & David

Buy It: Starting at $38.99;

Harry & David has a huge assortment of wine baskets as well as a wine subscription box with gourmet selections that is sure to delight any recipient. Choose an artisan wine basket with cheese and fruit, or pair your wine with decadent chocolate. One of the best options for a holiday party is the Vintner's Choice Deluxe Antipasto Assortment With Wine, featuring an entire appetizer spread along with bottles of chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, and merlot. Whichever wine basket you opt to celebrate the holidays with, Harry & David will make it a first-class experience.

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Best Organic Wine Delivery: Plonk Wine Club

Buy It: Starting at $110;

If you're hosting a dinner party during the holidays and want natural wines that also taste good, consider Plonk Wine Club. Plonk's wine is all organic and produced using a biodynamic method, meaning there are no additives, chemicals, or preservatives. Get one of Plonk's Dinner Party Packs delivered for an upcoming gathering—that's six bottles of red, white, or a mixed variety for $160. Other bundles include the Mystery Case with 12 bottles for $285 and the Holiday Sparkling Wine Sampler for $130 (available for a limited time). You can also join the Plonk Wine Club for recurring shipments of these flavorful wines. Subscription options start at $110 per month and increase depending on the length of your subscription and the quantity of bottles per shipment. All orders include free shipping.

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For Quick Alcohol Delivery: Drizly

Buy It: Starting at $6.99;

For immediate wine delivery, look no further than Drizly, a company that guarantees delivery in under 60 minutes when you order before a certain time. Simply enter your zip code to see the wine selections in your area, and then place your order and wait for your wine to arrive. Whether you decide on a staple for wine night like Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon or try something new like a Bread & Butter Merlot, Drizly has many fan favorites and wines you'll enjoy discovering for the first time. You can also use Drizly to send a wine gift as well as other spirits like Kentucky Bourbon or Macallan Single Malt Scotch Whiskey.

Credit: Courtesy of Total Wine & More

Best Local Wine Delivery: Total Wine

Buy It: Starting at $1.29;

If you have a Total Wine in your area, this is your best bet for local delivery. With a massive collection of wine (hence the name), Total Wine carries red, white, rosé, sparkling, and top-rated vintages. Just enter your zip code to see what the inventory is in your area, and then place your order. For same-day delivery, you'll need to choose a delivery window. Total Wine also has plenty of holiday party essentials, such as a Wine Party Tub for keeping wines chilled and mixers for cocktails. You can also surprise someone with a wine (or liquor) gift set.

Credit: Courtesy of Vinesse

Best Boutique Wine Delivery: Vinesse Wines

Buy It: Starting at $14.99;

Vinesse Wines supplies delicious boutique wines from around the world, like this 2019 Montesenese Montepulciano d'Abruzzo from Italy and this 2019 Maison des Jardin Pays d'Oc, France Chardonnay. The winery works directly with winemakers to bring premium bottles to your doorstep. Vinesse offers individual bottles, gift sets, and wine club memberships starting at just $49.99 per shipment. Subscriptions are flexible, allowing you to pause, skip an order, or cancel at your leisure. After each shipment, you can rate your wines and reorder your favorites.

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Best for Wine Deals: Underground Cellar

Buy It: Starting at $20;

Underground Cellar is a wine e-commerce site that allows you to purchase premium vineyard wines at low prices. Once you become a member (for free!), you're eligible for upgrades on your orders—meaning if you order three bottles of a $20 wine, Underground Cellar might swap one out for a $200 bottle from the same vineyard at no additional cost. New collections are available every day so you can experience different vineyards' wines. If you're not ready for your order to be delivered, you can store up to 500 bottles at the company's temperature-controlled wine cellar in Napa Valley, which is also referred to as the CloudCellar. Free ground shipping is included when you ship 12 or more bottles at once. Basically, you're getting on-demand wine delivery that offers great deals on top bottles.

Credit: Courtesy of The Sip

Best Champagne Delivery: The Sip

Buy It: Starting at $45.95;

Who wouldn't want a bottle of bubbly delivered to their home? The Sip, a BIPOC- and women-owned business, delivers full bottles of sparkling classics like Moet, Chandon, and Veuve Clicquot—as well as boutique minority-operated brands—to customers. Prices range from $45.95 to $120.95 for one-time boxes, such as the Celebration Box, Rosé All Day Box, and Novelty Box. You can also become a member of The Sip Society for bi-monthly or annual shipments of your favorite Champagnes and sparkling wines. Shipping is free, and you'll earn a $75 credit toward full-size bottles, which are available at The Sip's online store. For every box sold, The Sip donates 16 ounces of clean water to the East Oakland Community Project—an organization that provides emergency and transitional housing in Alameda County, California. Ring in the new year with some delicious bubbles that also help women and children in need.