Throw a shower--or any type of gathering--with this sensational menu.

Wedding showers used to be for ladies only, but the trend these days is to throw a couples' party for the bride and the groom together. Consider this delicious and impressive menu for such an occasion (or for your next supper club). Most of these recipes can be prepared ahead of time, making the event that much easier. Help guests bring the perfect gift by providing a fun theme on the shower invitation. With our menu and decorating tips, you can entertain 12 guests with ease.

Elegant Meal Menu

(Serves 12)

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Keep It Simple
There's no need to go to extremes when planning a party. A few basic elements are all you need to create a decorative setting.



  • Start with white or off-white serving pieces and linens. White is versatile, allowing you to incorporate vibrant colors without overdoing it.
  • Add color and interest by garnishing food. Dress up a store-bought cheesecake by topping it with fresh berries and chocolate sauce.
  • Tuck colorful flowers inside decorative napkin rings to brighten up neutral linens. You can also use greenery and other elements, such as tassels or beads.
  • Continue your palette by arranging complementary flowers in a simple vase.