Our Best Savory and Sweet Tomato Pie Recipes To Make All Summer Long

Tomato, Cheddar, and Bacon Pie
Photo: Hector Sanchez

If you're looking for a recipe to make the most of a bounty of fresh summertime tomatoes, look no farther. We're here to save the day with our best sweet and savory tomato pie recipes to make while they're in season. Even those who may be tomato skeptics will turn into fans when they eat them in pie form for the first time. Not only do tomatoes lend a fresh seasonal flavor, but they also create a beautiful finish for these tomato pie and tart recipes.

From our savory Old-Fashioned Tomato Pie that's topped with plenty of cheese to sweeter pies like Green Tomato Mincemeat Pie that can be topped with ice cream to Muffin Pan Tomato Tarts, there's sure to be a tomato pie recipe to fit whatever occasion you're cooking for. Next time you have fresh tomatoes on hand, you'll want to make at least one of these tomato pie recipes.

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Heirloom Tomato Pie

Heirloom Tomato Pie in a pie pan with a server and plates around it
Photographer Victor Protasio, Food Stylist Chelsea Zimmer, Prop Stylist Christine Keely

Recipe: Heirloom Tomato Pie

Make the most of summertime tomatoes with this savory tomato pie featuring fresh tomatoes, basil, and a homemade Parmesan-Buttermilk Pie Crust.

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Green Tomato Skillet Pie

Green Tomato Skillet Pie
Antonis Achilleos; Prop Styling: Kay E. Clarke; Food Styling: Torie Cox

Recipe: Green Tomato Skillet Pie

While we love fried green tomatoes, if you're looking for another use for green tomatoes, this sweet skillet pie is worth a try,

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Old-fashioned Tomato Pie

Just Ripe for Summer: Old Fashioned Tomato Pie
Iain Bagwell

Recipe: Old-fashioned Tomato Pie

Old-fashioned Tomato Pie is summer perfection thanks to garden fresh tomatoes and herbs. We guarantee there won't be any leftovers.

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Tomato Galette

Tomato Galette
Photographer and props: Jennifer Causey Food Stylist: Emily Nabors Hall

Recipe: Tomato Galette

Instead of being baked in a dish, this galette version is baked on a sheet pan. It makes use of refrigerated pie crust so the dish comes together with just 20 minutes of hands-on time.

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Herbed Tomato Tart

Herbed Tomato Tart
Becky Luigart Stayner

Recipe: Herbed Tomato Tart

This updated tomato pie is served pizza-style on a puff pastry with a combination of feta and mozzarella cheese. An assortment of herbs along with colorful fresh tomatoes gives this tomato tart its wonderful flavor.

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Tomato, Cheddar, and Bacon Pie

Tomato, Cheddar, and Bacon Pie
Hector Sanchez

Recipe: Tomato, Cheddar, and Bacon Pie

We raised the ante on classic tomato pie with a sour cream crust studded with bacon, layers of colorful tomatoes, and plenty of cheese and herbs to tie it all together. For best results, seed the tomatoes and drain the slices before baking.

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Muffin Pan Tomato Tarts

Muffin Pan Tomato Tarts
Alison Miksch

Recipe: Muffin Pan Tomato Tarts

With all the flavor of a traditional tomato pie, these cute snack-sized tarts are made in a muffin pan which makes serving easier. The recipe makes 18 tarts and they come together in under an hour.

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Green Tomato Mincemeat Pie

Green Tomato Mincemeat Pie
Alison Miksch

Recipe: Green Tomato Mincemeat Pie

While you may think of tomato pies as a savory dish, they can also be sweet and served topped with ice cream. In addition to green tomatoes, the mincemeat filling for this pie includes apples, cranberries, orange zest, and bourbon.

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