Stay cool on warm afternoons with any of these refreshing drinks.

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Sweet Tea & Lemonade Recipes:

No sense in poring over a bunch of beverage recipes. We've done the work for you by gathering a great mix of thirst-quenching iced teas and lemonades that will tingle anyone's taste buds. These take little time to prepare but deliver a ton of flavor. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon, lime, or orange as a good source of disease-fighting vitamin C. Enjoy regular and decaf teas; they boast antioxidants that help reduce your risk for certain cancers.

History of Sweet Tea

Some say sweet tea made its debut at the 1904 World's Fair, but food historian John Egerton traces its roots to 1868--the start of commercial ice manufacturing. The moment some thirsty sipper poured freshly brewed hot tea over chipped ice, "Shazam! The greatest thirst quencher in all history explodes like a clap of thunder on the dark surface of Southern consciousness," Egerton writes. Tea evangelist Jay Grelen has sought to spread the word through Sweet Tea Sip-Offs in Mobile. His only male winner, Jamie Price, is quick to spill the secrets of his success: "It's just good ol' sweet tea, strong and sweet, just like my grandmother made it." New York Times reporter Rick Bragg says, "In the vernacular of the South of not so long ago, there was no such thing as sweet iced tea. There was just tea, always sweetened in a jug or pitcher with cane sugar, always poured over ice." Southerners love this drink most when it's fresh, cold, and sweet.