These special little angel food cakes are almost effortless and too delicious to resist.

Heavenly Angel Food Cake
Credit: Photo: Beth Dreiling Hontzas

The rich, moist texture of this divine angel food cake is unlike any other. Made from scratch in minutes, it's baked in a 13- x 9-inch pan and spread with frosting that's a lemon lover's dream. The two-step method for mixing the cake batter is unique, calling for a blend of sugar and flour to be folded into a billowy mound of egg whites. The inspiration of a Texas chicken farmer's wife, the recipe was passed along to workers and on again to a Southern Living reader, who graciously shared it with us.

Cook's Notes

  • Cracking and separating fresh eggs doesn't take long, but you can make this recipe even faster using pasteurized egg whites―and there's no need to worry about leftover yolks!
  • The slightest bit of grease can ruin beaten egg whites, so be sure the mixing bowl and whisk attachment are completely clean and dry and that no traces of yolk slip into the whites.
  • It's important to beat the egg whites properly before adding the sugar mixture. Stiffly beaten egg whites will form a peak that holds its upright shape when the whisk is lifted; a soft peak will droop. But if they are beaten too much, egg whites begin to curdle and can't be used.
  • Use a large rubber spatula to fold in the sugar mixture, gently scooping down to the bottom of the center of the bowl and up to the edges in a circular motion.

"Sweet and Pretty" is from the April 2008 issue of Southern Living.