Pass out the plates for this fresh-picked fruit and pound cake.

Sweet Peaches and Pound Cake
Ripe and juicy sugared peaches top tender slices of Sour Cream Pound Cake.
| Credit: Tina Cornett / Styling Buffy Hargett

Whatever the season, pound cake rates as a perennial favorite in the South. Warm from the oven or tossed on the grill―it's always irresistible.

Leavened with a dash of baking soda, the fine-crumb texture and delicate lemon-almond flavor of Sour Cream Pound Cake pairs perfectly with summer fruits. We especially love it with fresh peaches, but feel free to substitute nectarines or berries if you'd like.

For a real treat, sprinkle sliced fruit with sugar to taste, and cook over low heat, stirring gently, 3 to 4 minutes or until warm. Spoon over warm pound cake, and top with your favorite ice cream. It's so good, everyone will want a second serving.

A Spoonful of Sugar
Tossing fresh fruit with sugar enhances its sweetness and flavor. Left to stand for 30 minutes to an hour, the sugar draws the natural juices from the fruit, creating a heavenly syrup.

Basic syrups, easily made by boiling equal amounts of sugar and water, offer delicious alternatives to sprinkling fruit with sugar. Store in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks. (Leftovers are great in iced tea.)

To be festive, we tossed in some strawberries when making our syrup. They don't add flavor but do tint the syrup a pretty pink color.

The Sweetest Taste of Peaches" is from the June 2006 issue of Southern Living.