Stacked sandwiches frosted with fluffy, seasoned cream cheese add flavor to any celebration.

Wedding Bridal Shower Ideas: Frosted Sandwiches
For your bridal shower frosted Party Sandwiches create a unique presentation for our favorite classic cold spreads: egg salad, chicken salad, and pimiento cheese.The preparation is simple. Make a triple-decker crustless sandwich and spread a cream

With warm weather calling you, Frosted Party Sandwiches are a timeless choice to kick off spring get-togethers. We mixed-and-matched several of our favorite salad recipes to create this lovely and effortless presentation.

Serve the sandwiches for brunch with fresh fruit, an egg casserole, and purchased sweet rolls. For lunch, simply add a crisp salad and picnic-style side dishes. Whether the gathering is for your mother, a bride-to-be, or a graduate, you'll be set to entertain with ease.

Mix-and-Match Spring Salads:

Step-by-Step Project: Decorative Flower Ice Tray
We tried baby carrots for this project, but some were too short and slid into the water. The carrots will create small cavities in the ice to hold your choice of flowers.


  • whole carrots
  • paring knife
  • vegetable cooking spray
  • 13- x 9-inch pan
  • water
  • self-sealing plastic wrap
  • heavy-duty tape
  • flowers

Step 1: Cut carrots into 4-inch pieces; spray with vegetable cooking spray.

Step 2: Fill pan with water. Cover top of pan with self-sealing plastic wrap. Place 2 strips of tape about 1?2-inch apart on the plastic wrap 1?2 inch from inside edge on each short side of pan. Using the paring knife, evenly cut Xs, smaller than the diameter of the carrots, in between strips of tape on each side. Fit carrots into Xs; secure with tape, if necessary.

Step 3: Place pan on level rack in freezer, and freeze at least 24 hours. Remove plastic wrap, carrots, and, if necessary, tape. Run tap water over ice block to remove from pan. The frozen carrots will be soft and easy to dig out of the ice with a small spoon, if necessary. Place your choice of flowers in ice cavities.

"Springtime Entertaining" is from the May 2006 issue of Southern Living.