Forget Charcuterie Boards: Snackle Boxes Are Summer's New Portable Appetizer 

You won’t be left fishing for compliments.

Snackle Box
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For many Southerners, summer means days spent at the beach with toes in the sand or at the lake on a boat. To be fair, the South is blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches and lakes in the country, and families often make an annual pilgrimage to one or the other with plenty of snacks in tow. Skip the classic charcuterie board this year in exchange for a more portable alternative that pays tribute to the season and locales at hand. Meet the "Snackle Box."

You simply fill any tackle box—a fishing accessory meant to hold worms, fishing line, bobbers, and more—with all the makings of a meat-and-cheese board instead. In addition to the display being fitting for summer, it's also practical. You're able to transport the tasty goods from place to place without any spillage or hassle. It keeps sand and water out of the food, while also making the perfect snack to bring for an afternoon boat ride or sunset beach sit.

What sort of things can you put in a "Snackle Box?" For easy grabbing and sharing, cubes or slices of different cheeses create a base, along with various charcuterie meats. Add accouterments such as olives, nuts, grapes, or crackers. You can't ever go wrong with homemade pickles. It's basically between a portable charcuterie board and adult-sized Lunchable. Some people opt for simple, small tackle boxes as a home for the delicious nibbles, while others go all-out with multi-level tackle cases. As a bonus, any avid fishermen in the vicinity will be delighted.

Moreover, "Snackle Boxes" are fantastic for feeding kids on-the-go and making lunch time feel extra fun. Along with the meat and cheese of choice, you can customize it to fit the little ones in your life, adding kid-friendly ingredients such as marshmallows, fruit, candy, pretzels, carrot sticks, and more. It's an easy way to pack a filling snack for children when heading away from the house.

Next time you're tasked with bringing a snack to a summer gathering, serve a "Snackle Box." You won't be left fishing for compliments. Get it?

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