Our Easiest Shower Recipes and Ideas Ever

Mini Cheese Grits Casseroles
Photo: Photo: Victor Protasio; Food Styling: Torie Cox; Prop Styling: Heather Chadduck Hillegas

Throwing a shower should be about celebrating with family and friends. The best way to kick off and enjoy the festivities is to keep the planning and preparation simple, and these shower ideas do just that. Whether you are planning for a bridal shower, a wedding shower, or a baby shower, these shower recipes will keep you out of the kitchen and in the heart of the action. From our Strawberry Caprese Salad, or the Mini Grits Casseroles, to the Cherries-and-Cream Icebox Cake, none of these shower ideas take more than 30 minutes to prepare. So host the shower you know you can, make the shower recipes you love, and enjoy the bridal, wedding, or baby shower of your dreams.

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Quick and Easy Shower Menu

Quick and Easy Shower Menu
Photo: Jennifer Davick

Don't be overwhelmed when planning the menu for your baby shower or wedding shower. Our menu features items that take less than 30 minutes to make. From cocktails to desserts, we've got you covered.

  • Strawberry Caprese Salad
  • Mini Cheese Grits Casseroles
  • Tomato-Herb Mini Frittatas
  • Ham Biscuits
  • Spring Compound Butters
  • Pumpkin-Buttermilk Biscuits with Crispy Ham and Honey Butter
  • Bacon Deviled Eggs
  • Elderflower Champagne Cocktails
  • Ginger-Orange Mocktails
  • Cherries-and-Cream Icebox Cake
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Strawberry Caprese Salad

Strawberry Caprese Salad

A fruit salad is always a fresh item to have at a shower, and this one is a breeze to make. This simple strawberry salad is dressed with a white balsamic vinaigrette. Serve with toasted bread slices for easy pick-up appetizers or over arugula.

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Mini Cheese Grits Casseroles

Mini Cheese Grits Casseroles
Photo: Victor Protasio; Food Styling: Torie Cox; Prop Styling: Heather Chadduck Hillegas

Serve these cheesy grits in individual ramekins for an elegant presentation, or make the recipe in a 2-quart baking dish. Either way, these make-ahead grits have just a few minutes of hands-on time so you can focus on other things. It's easy, but still an elegant side for your shower menu.

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Tomato-Herb Mini Frittatas

Tomato-Herb Mini Frittatas
Photo: Jennifer Davick

These mini frittatas are perfect for a shower. Give them a restaurant finish by topping them with mixed baby greens tossed with olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. This recipe can also be made in a 13x9 baking dish if you don’t have 6-ounce ramekins.

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Ham Biscuits

Buttermilk Biscuits with Ham
Victor Protasio; Food Styling: Torie Cox; Prop Styling: Heather Chadduck Hillegas

You can fill these buttermilk biscuits with thinly sliced ham and set out spreads for an added touch. If you really want to simplify, bake up a bag of Mary B's frozen tea biscuits and serve them with our special flavored butters.

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Spring Compound Butters

Spring Compound Butters
Antonis Achilleos; Prop Styling: Ginny Branch; Food Styling: Torie Cox

These compound butters are easy to whip up and add a thoughtful touch to your party biscuits. Guests can create their own flavor combinations with these simple spreads.

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Pumpkin-Buttermilk Biscuits with Crispy Ham and Honey Butter

Pumpkin-Buttermilk Biscuits with Crispy Ham and Honey Butter
Photo: Victor Protasio; Propr Styling: Mindi Shapiro Levine; Food Styling: Torie Cox

If you want to add a twist to the usual ham biscuit offering, these pumpkin buttermilk biscuits are just as easy as the classic version, but they add a pop of color and flavor to the table. Country ham and honey butter round out the flavor.

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Bacon Deviled Eggs

Bacon Deviled Eggs
Antonis Achilleos; Prop Styling: Kay E. Clarke; Food Styling: Chelsea Zimmer

No Southern shower should be without a plate of deviled eggs, and this version adds a lot of flavor with bacon in the filling. Top each egg with a slice of pickled okra for even more goodness.

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Elderflower Champagne Cocktail

Elderflower-Champagne Cocktail with flower ice cubes
Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Katie Jacobs

Serve Elderflower Champagne Cocktails at a wedding shower for a floral sip that tastes complex but is made with only three ingredients. Substitute Prosecco if you don’t like rosé.

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Ginger-Orange Mocktails

Ginger-Orange Mocktails
Jennifer Davick; Styling: Amy Burke

This drink adds a bright, sweet touch. Try our Ginger-Orange Mocktails for moms-to-be at a baby shower. Garnish with orange slices and fresh mint springs.

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Cherries-and-Cream Icebox Cake

Cherries-and-Cream Icebox Cake
Greg DuPree; Food Styling: Rishon Hanners; Prop Styling: Kathleen Varner

You can pick up a sugar cookie assortment from a local bakery to save time, but this easy make-ahead icebox cake is definitely worth it if you have 30 minutes to spare. It looks elegant, but it’s made by layering graham crackers and a creamy filling for decadent results. Perfect for making ahead, this cake needs at least a few hours to chill before serving.

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Decorative Dishes

Decorative Dishes
Photo: Jennifer Davick

Mix and match vintage plates, cups, and saucers for a carefree and whimsical feel for your shower. Borrow from Grandma, or look for them at garage sales and flea markets. The variety brings color and texture to the table and adds a personal touch.

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Shower Planning Guide

Azalea Flower Spring Party Place Setting
Photo: Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Buffy Harget Miller

The Southern Living Test Kitchen is the staff's go-to source for party shortcuts. Use our shower planning guide to pull off your pretty party with ease.

3 Days Before
Prepare biscuits and freeze according to recipe instructions. Set up party table and assess serving pieces.

2 Days Before
Prepare flavored butters and press linens. Prepare the deviled eggs. Store the whites and the filling separately.

1 Day Before
Toss together strawberry salad in a serving bowl; cover, and refrigerate. Prep and measure ingredients for frittatas, and refrigerate. Prepare grits casseroles up until baking and refrigerate. Assemble the deviled eggs. Prepare cake through step 4.

A Few Hours Before Guests Arrive
Assemble and bake frittatas. Bake biscuits after frittatas have been removed from the oven. Bake grits casseroles. Prepare whipped topping for cake and spread on cake, then return cake to refrigerator. Garnish the deviled eggs.

Just Before Guests Arrive
Stir together the beverage. Remove dessert from refrigerator before serving.

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