The Cajun Burgers and Bacon-Wrapped Barbecue Burgers go beyond the expected; both are sure to be hits.

Bacon-Wrapped Barbecue Burgers
Recipe:Bacon-Wrapped Barbecue BurgersA sautéed mushroom-and-onion mixture offers the "wow" factor for these bacon-wrapped burgers. Part of the savory mixture is pressed into the center of each burger before grilling, and the remainder is mixed with barbecue sauce and used for the topping. The result is over-the-top good.
| Credit: Photo: Jennifer Davick

Recipes for the Outdoors:

And don't forget about the toppings, which dress up your favorite mayonnaise with a variety of bold flavors. (We also love dipping French fries and chips into these delectable mayos.) Round things out with two unique beverages and a batch of bake-ahead Frosted Sugar-'n'-Spice Cookies.

"Savor the Outdoors With Friends" is from the July 2008 issue of Southern Living.