This Is the One Serving Piece Every Southern Hostess Must Own

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Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

When you first think about what the one piece a Southern hostess must have you may think say, a casserole dish or a big punch bowl. And while those are certainly MVPs every Southerner should keep in rotation, they're still not as multifunctional a big, pretty, oval platter. A large oval platter, while unassuming, and easy to store, does it all. It can showcase the muffins, croissants, and scones at a brunch. It postures tea sandwiches and cheddar biscuits nicely at luncheons. It takes on the heavyweight, the Thanksgiving turkey, and makes it look elegant. It can corral roasted vegetables, dress up a simple cheese plate, and elevate snack dinner. Sure a square or rectangular dish would work just as well, but there's something so classic about the oval serving platter. An oval is so forgiving of a wide turkey or plump chicken. Just be sure to pick one out with raised edges to capture running juices and rogue asparagus stalks.Here, a few oval platters worth making "the one":

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West Elm Platter

West Elm Platter
West Elm

This oval platter from West Elm's Reactive Glaze Serveware line is rustic but elegant, perfect for casual tablescapes in natural earthy hues.

Buy It: $49,

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Dillards Platter

Dillards Platter

This turkey platter from Dillard's makes for an extra-festive Thanksgiving spread.

Buy It: $52;

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Williams Sonoma Platter

Williams Sonoma Platter
Williams Sonoma

Inspired by antique and vintage china, this modern take on the serving platter makes for a subdued, classic flourish to any spread. Delicate in appearance, this dish is actually quite hard-working, with handles for easy carry.

Buy It: $79.95;

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