Start the weekend with good friends and good eats from Shrimp Shooters to Dixie Caviar.

Shrimp Shooters
This refreshing appetizer coats shrimp in a flavorful vinaigrette and showcases them in shooter glasses. Garnish with the leaves of romaine lettuce hearts and serve in an ice-filled tray at a spring or summertime party. Recipe:

Hospitality in The Delta is legendary. Jamie and Jenny Smith of Merigold, Mississippi, personalize their entertaining by focusing on the beauty of a summer sunset. The couple's roots go deep into the clay of this area: They are part of the McCarty family, whose pottery is internationally renowned.

At the end of a day spent molding clay, the best elixir for unwinding is to gather with friends. The Smiths' menu showcases regional foods and is stocked with make-ahead recipes. In fact, this easygoing repast needs just a few last-minute touches. Once everyone serves up a plate of tempting favorites, they're ready to toast the gorgeous sun as it slips away over the flat and fertile land.

Sundown Recipes

Pottery With A Heritage
All of the decorative and serving items pictured in this story are pieces of McCartys Pottery. Each item is made from Mississippi clay and is glazed in trademark nutmeg brown, jade green, or blue. Pieces may also include a vertical black squiggle designed to represent the Mississippi River.

You can purchase the pottery at their studio, The Barn, 101 South Saint Mary Street, Merigold, MS 38759; or (662) 748-2293.

"Sundown in The Delta" is from the June 2007 issue of Southern Living.