Our friend Lanny Lancarte has tons of laid-back party tips. Join us for a visit to his Texas home.

By Shirley Harrington
September 08, 2008
Recipe:Shrimp Mojo de AjoGreat for small get-togethers, this mini-kebab can be served straight from the grill while guests mingle. "Mojo de Ajo" means garlic sauce, and this recipe calls for ¾ cup garlic! Don't let that scare you; the garlic sauce becomes smooth when cooked and mixed with flavorful guajilo chiles. The shrimp should be marinated in the Mojo de Aajo sauce for thirty minutes while wooden skewers soak in water for the same amount of time. Garnish with fresh cilantro sprigs, lime wedges, and coarse sea salt. Guests should be able to eat this little nibbler in just a few bites, but be sure to prepare extra because they will definitely be looking for more.

"If you're hanging out with me, you're probably cooking," says Lanny Lancarte II. He's the cool, young chef/owner of Lanny's Alta Cocina Mexicana in Fort Worth and the great-grandson of Joe T. Garcia, whose landmark restaurant is where Lanny received his start. He keeps it casual at home, as you'll see with the easy, awesome recipes he shared with us.

On this evening, Lanny and his buddies grill chops and steaks, top 'em with Cilantro Pesto, add a side of Pasta Mexicana, and shake up a few Pomegranate Margaritas. He ends the party with Berries With Tequila Cream. No wonder our Foods staff loves Lanny's innovative style of Mexican cooking.

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