How To Host A Stress-Free Brunch Like A Southern Hostess 

From baby showers to game days, these brunch-hosting tips are here to help on any occasion. 

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Out of all occasions, brunch is an easy thing for everyone to enjoy. After all, there's no better way to begin the day than by snacking on sweet and savory breakfast dishes alongside good friends—and perhaps a round of mimosas. However, no matter if you're a seasoned hostess or a first-timer, brunch can pose its own set of complications. Anytime warm eggs are involved, there's bound to be, right? Southern hostesses take their craft quite seriously, and brunch is no exception.

Everything from the table settings to the menu is important when hosting an occasion that you want to go off without a hitch. Whether it's a baby shower, bridal shower, birthday, or even game day, these tips to hosting the best brunch will set you up for success.

Prepare the Night Before

Make sure all plates, silverware, and glasses are already washed and ready to set out. (Especially if you're using the Good Silver.) Plus, an empty dishwasher will make for easy cleanup after brunch is over. Place everything you'll need on the table, including serveware, to save time later. Additionally, ensure you won't need to make any last-minute grocery store runs in the morning if you can help it. Make a list, and check it twice! If you're planning to decorate the table, put flowers in vases and set the table before heading to bed the night before. Time will fly once food preparation begins, so the goal is to be as ready as possible in order to avoid stress.

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Choose the Best Time

Do yourself (and everyone else) a favor by pushing the start time to at least 11 o'clock or noon to ensure that you have plenty of time to prep, clean, and cook. This is also respectful of guests who are then able to have a leisurely morning without being rushed to get ready. Make sure the invite is clear on timing and expectations. A text or call should suffice for less formal brunches, but an email invitation or paper invitation is best for showers and such. Etiquette remains just as important to Southerners at brunch as with any other formal event.

Plan a Stress-Free Menu

Skip the pancakes. Skip the made-to-order eggs. This is a time to utilize your oven more than your stovetop. You can make big batches of bacon in the oven on a sheet pan. For eggs, choose a frittata or quiche that can be kept warm in the oven—or even made the day before and reheated. Make a French Toast Bake or pick up pastries from a local bakery for a sweet dish, which is always appreciated. Have a fruit salad on the table for an easy side dish. Take a look at our roundup of 20+ Best Egg Casserole Bakes to get started.

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Set Up a Drink Bar

Free yourself up from constantly refilling everyone's drinks by setting up a build-your-own station beforehand, including alcoholic and nonalcoholic options. Coffee and tea should be available for brunch, as well as juices and fixings for mimosas and Bloody Marys if desired. Our Big-Batch Bloody Marys are always a hit. Pour juices into carafes for easy pouring and presentation, and place all drinking glasses nearby to reduce any unnecessary back-and-forth foot traffic. This also goes for setting food and drinks in separate areas to eliminate backup.

Don't Forget the Bathrooms

Put out fresh hand towels for guests, and think ahead if any deep-cleaning needs to be done. A vase of fresh flowers or an aromatic candle also make great finishing touches.

With these tips in mind, it's time to take on brunch like a Southern hostess would.

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