The One Thing Every Hostess Needs For Serving Cake

Because protection and presentation are key.

Southern Living Glass Cake Dome
Photo: Dillard's

Southern women are well versed in the art of entertaining. Even when they aren't aware they're about to become a host, they always have the essentials ready for drop-by guests. Like any good hostess knows, there are several serving pieces that are crucial to own, including platters, trays, and cake stands. But there might be one piece you're forgetting that could make a monumental difference on your table.

You probably have a perfectly pretty cake plate or stand at home, but did it come with a cake dome? If not, you're missing out on a key entertaining element. Enter Southern Living. Our Glass Cake Dome will go with any cake plate or stand in your china cabinet. It's hand-blown glass, so everyone can still see and admire your gorgeous cake creation, and at almost a foot high, it can accommodate even the most extravagant layer cakes. Topping a cake off with a dome makes it seem special, like a work of art on display, which it is.

Not only does a cake dome add a little grandeur to the presentation, it actually protects the cake. If the cake is the centerpiece of a table or even on a side table with other food around, the chances are likely that a dollop of pimiento cheese could fall off a cracker or a deviled egg could roll off a plate and plop right onto your cake. And even if your party is indoors, guests will be coming and going, which means pesky insects could get in the house and end up on your cake. Add those to a long list of other things that could accidentally swipe, hit, or even knock over your cake, and a cake dome sounds like a smarter and smarter investment.

Even after the party is over, your cake dome will serve a valuable purpose. Instead of sticking toothpicks in the top of your cake and haphazardly covering it with plastic wrap, which always messes up the icing, simply keep the cake dome over it. This will make getting that late-night piece of cake much easier and less messy. We haven't been to many parties where leftover cake was actually a thing, but in case you find yourself in that situation, our Glass Cake Dome has you covered—pun intended.

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Plus, this piece is built for presentation and preservation.

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