Faced with this charming finger sandwich selection, you and your friends will rediscover the pleasures of sharing a light repast on a glorious afternoon.

Favorite Finger Sandwiches
| Credit: Tina Cornett / Styling Buffy Hargett

Tiny finger sandwiches are big on flavor, and always add a festive touch to luncheons. Most sandwiches can be prepared up to a day ahead, and refrigerated in an airtight container. To prevent the bread from drying out, cover the sandwiches with a sheet of wax paper and a damp paper towel. Uncover sandwiches just before serving.

Finger Sandwich Recipes


Plan on three to four finger sandwiches per person when serving alongside a main dish salad. Here's a collection of some of our best recipes, along with tips from the Southern Living Test Kitchen Professionals.

  • Freezing bread slices until firm makes it easier to cut the sandwiches into small pieces.
  • To ensure neat edges, cut the crusts from the bread with a long serrated knife after the sandwiches are filled.
  • Use your favorite cheese spread as a sandwich filling. For easy spreading, let cheese soften at room temperature.
  • Colorful spinach and sun-dried tomato tortillas make a fun start to creative tea sandwiches. Spread filling evenly over one side of each tortilla. Roll up the tortilla, and wrap tightly in plastic wrap; chill.
  • Small prepackaged loaves of thinly sliced party breads are perfect for tea sandwiches. There's no need to trim the crust –– just spread with filling, layer, and cut in half diagonally. We like to layer slices of light-colored rye or sour dough bread with dark slices of pumpernickel bread. Look for these diminutive breads in the deli section of the supermarket.