I attended a baby shower for one of my dear friends a few years ago. While strolling over to the bar table to grab a cocktail, I saw a beautiful silver punch bowl with an intriguing ice ring floating in the center. Just awesome! The first time that I had seen this so I, of course, asked her for some guidance on making my own. Simple, easy, fun and memorable. Perfect for Southern Living readers.

I decided to take a "fresh" twist on the ice ring by using fresh herbs and fruit. It's super easy to make -- you just need a bundt pan, assortment of herbs and fruit and distilled water. You want to choose ingredients that compliment your punch and, don't be shy, pack them in there. The more you have the better the ice ring will look. For my ice rings, I used (1) lemons, blueberries and sage (2) peaches, thyme, pears and limes (3) grapefruit, limes, and rosemary.


  • Fill a bundt pan 1/3 full of distilled water
  • Add fruit and herbs
  • Freeze Overnight
  • Add to Punch Bowl and Enjoy

Kelli Boyd Photography and iMint Media