Lest she be caught ill-prepared!
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Credit: Iain Bagwell

When entertaining family and friends, a Southern hostess makes sure everything is perfect, down to the very last detail. From freshly cut flowers to beautifully set tables (with her china and the good silver), she knows how to throw an occasion that would make Mama proud. Unsurprisingly, serving delicious food is more than half the battle of Southern hosting, and how that food is served has caused more than a few family squabbles for most hostesses. Every dish—whether the casseroles, hors d'oeuvres, or desserts—has its rightful serving counterpart, especially when it comes to distinct dishes like deviled eggs. In these cases, a Southern hostess (never ill-prepared) whips out a proper, preferably passed-down, deviled egg platter that looks and acts the part.

Deviled eggs find their way onto Southern tables for reasons aplenty, and they have a special way of rising to any occasion. From Easter lunch to summer cookouts, and from football tailgates to church potlucks, Southerners enjoy this bite-sized staple all year long. No matter if dressed fancy or informal, however, deviled eggs need to travel and be served the right way: in a reliable deviled egg Tupperware carrier and on a classic deviled egg platter. Because these suckers, albeit delicious, are more slippery than Crisco on a doorknob and less than ideally shaped to sit politely and genteel on just any tray. And because the last thing we need is Uncle Ted accidently slipping his finger into the pale yellow dollop of a neighboring egg whilst grabbing his second (no, third) egg before Easter lunch has even started.

The perfectly shaped dips and grooves of a deviled egg platter keep those bites of creamy, paprika-topped goodness in check and prettily displayed. Clear Indian Glass Deviled Egg Plates grace Southern tables more than most, but this whitewash Juliska Berry & Thread Deviled Egg Platter makes us swoon. You can get festive for Easter with this Portmeirion bunny-centered dish, or even go minimalist with this floating display platter.

But what happens if you need to take your deviled eggs from point A to point B without striking disaster? You have a traveling deviled egg carrier for that. This Tupperware piece isn't one you can use for a myriad of things, but that doesn't make it any less necessary to have on hand for church potlucks and neighborhood barbecues. This two-layer, stackable carrier comes with removable egg trays, making it useful for different dishes; while this highly rated Rubbermaid container is simple and compact for secure and easy travel.

While we know these trays will make serving your deviled eggs a breeze, we can't guarantee you'll be admiring your work for long. Deviled eggs disappear mighty quick at any Southern event, getting swiped left and right by snacking husbands and running children.

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When in doubt, we've found it easier to have at least two deviled egg platters and storage carriers each in our kitchen. If Aunt Betsy asks to borrow, who knows when it'll turn up again!