10 Creative Cauliflower Recipes The Whole Family Will Love

Skillet Cauliflower Mac and Cheese
Photo: Antonis Achilleos

The cauliflower craze is sweeping the South, and we're totally on board. Although the fluffy white vegetable is often compared to broccoli, cauliflower stands out with its delicate taste, soft texture, and versatility. An excellent absorber of herbs, oil, and spices, this fibrous vegetable is a fresh, nutrient-rich alternative to many starch ingredients.

If you're crazy for cauliflower, then it's time to get crafty. There are so many different ways this veggie can be incorporated into your daily dishes. Swap out potato chips with roasted cauliflower, or pair roasted chicken with steamed cauliflower. Whether you prefer to steam or sauté, you'll never tire of the different ways to dress up this veggie. Try riced cauliflower for an easy side dish that is lower in carbs. Not sure where to start? Take a look at our favorite cauliflower recipes, and you'll be cooking with cauliflower in no time.

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Skillet Cauliflower Mac And Cheese

Skillet Cauliflower Mac and Cheese
Antonis Achilleos

For those that cannot imagine a cauliflower recipe without cheese, the easy answer is to blend this cruciferous veggie into your mac 'n cheese. You will be getting your daily dose of veggies and indulging in a Southern pasta favorite. What will be your main dish to pair with this cheesy concoction? May we recommend Pork Chops With Dijon Buttermilk Sauce?

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Sweet-and-Spicy Sheet Pan Chicken With Cauliflower & Carrots

Sweet-and-Spicy Sheet Pan Chicken with Cauliflower and Carrots
Victor Protasio; Prop Styling: Kay E. Clarke; Food Styling: Torie Cox

Get ready to enjoy the sweet and spicy from this one pan dish. The cauliflower and chicken absorb the flavors, and the texture of your fave veg is not mushy, but instead firm with a touch of tender. This might just help you solve the age-old question of how to get children to enjoy a vegetable side.

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Chubba Bubba's Broccoli Salad

Chubba Bubba's Broccoli Salad
Southern Living

This easy version of broccoli salad features frozen broccoli plus cauliflower and chopped carrot for added color and crispness. You can make it any time of year due to that handy frozen option, and the brilliant colors will entice any salad lover. Although this would work as a vegetarian option, that is only the case if you remove the bacon from this cauliflower recipe. Do you really feel that's necessary?

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Easy Cauliflower Casserole

Easy Cauliflower Casserole
Victor Protasio; Prop Styling: Heather Chadduck; Food Styling: Chelsea Zimmer

Make your dinner entree stand out by choosing to feature vegetables. This casserole will trick all the baked mac-n-cheese lovers in your house. It swaps out pasta for veggies and relies on pantry staples like panko and cream of chicken soup. Should you want to go full vegetarian, swap out cream of celery soup for the chicken option.

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Cauliflower Wings

Cauliflower Wings Image
Micah A. Leal

A cauliflower recipe that is a vegetarian version of buffalo wings will please everyone at your next party. Coated in batter and punchy homemade sauce, you probably won't trick some guests into thinking they are the real thing. But there is a good chance you might get some meat-lovers to enjoy produce as a tasty party food option.

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Salmon With Pineapple Pepper Salsa & Coconut Cauliflower Rice

Salmon with Pineapple-Pepper Salsa and Coconut Cauliflower Rice
Victor Protasio; Food Styling: Rishon Hanners; Prop Styling: Audrey Davis

The salmon in this beautiful dish is prepared simply, seasoned only with salt and pepper and pan-seared, really allowing the dynamic flavors of the coconut rice and salsa to shine. Adding coconut milk to the cauliflower rice in this recipe offers slightly sweet flavor to this side. The salsa will make you wonder why it's not on the dinner table more.

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Roasted Cauliflower With Seed Salsa

Ashleigh Shanti's Roasted Cauliflower with Seed Salsa
Peter Frank Edwards; Prop Styling: Kendra Surface; Food Styling: Anna Hampton

Although the cauliflower is tasty in this side that could be an entree, the seed salsa is really the star of the dish. The topping, made from sunflower, sesame, mustard, cumin, and coriander seeds and a de arbol chile, adds a tasty crunch and kick of heat that balances out the tender, buttery cauliflower. This is one of those sides that could be paired with any kind of protein option and still work.

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Creamy Cauliflower Soup With Bacon

Creamy Cauliflower Soup with Bacon
Antonis Achilleos; Prop Styling; Heather Chadduck Hillegas; Food Styling: Emily Nabors Hall

Of all of our cauliflower recipes, this one is a rich comfort food experience. To push this closer to vegan, substitute a potato for the usual cream that gives this soup its body. Replace butter with olive oil to make it completely dairy-free.

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Loaded Cauliflower Casserole

Loaded Cauliflower Casserole
Jennifer Causey; Food Stylist: Emily Nabors Hall; Prop Stylist: Heather Chadduck Hillegas

This is the veggie equivalent of a loaded baked potato, but takes it to the limit by offering the dish in casserole form. This is cheesy and bacony, and needs no further modifications if that is what you're after in a cauliflower recipe. We'll just leave it at that.

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Sweet Potato, Cauliflower, And Greens Casserole

Sweet Potato, Cauliflower, and Greens Casserole
Hector Sanchez

As a hefty vegetarian main course or as a side, this cauliflower recipe delivers big flavor and meaty texture. Meatless Monday just got a lot more interesting, and this might be due to the cheese sauce used in this dish. You will find yourself coming up with reasons to make it for other meals.

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