The McCoys share good times and scrumptious recipes with friends and family on the water.
Big Fun, Good Food
Melvyn and Dianne McCoy; their sons, Britt and Bradley; and their chocolate Lab, Brandy, welcome guests from the deck of their houseboat, The Real McCoy.

A houseboat may not have everything your home offers, but it can certainly qualify as a terrific second residence. And the well-equipped houseboat owned by Melvyn and Dianne McCoy of Monroe, Louisiana, is certainly no exception. As owners of Melvyn's restaurant, a local favorite, Melvyn and Dianne are known as great cooks and hosts at work as well as on their houseboat. So regardless of the drizzling rain that fell as I arrived, I was thrilled to step on board The Real McCoy and head into the air-conditioned cabin for yummy food, great tunes, and a cruise on the water.

Less than a mile from the McCoy family's land residence, The Real McCoy is docked on BayouDeSaird, which feeds into the Ouachita River about 50 yards away. So, not surprisingly, the McCoys escape to their floating water world as often as possible. These recipes are some of their favorites for parties on the houseboat, but whether you serve them on land or water, they're perfect for any kind of warm-weather entertaining.

Outdoor Party Tips

  • The Real McCoy has a small refrigerator--consequently, storage space is at a premium. Melvyn solves this problem with large coolers and lots of ice, which he says are musts for entertaining on board or outdoors.
  • Dianne finds zip-top plastic bags especially helpful for marinated meats and chopped fruits and vegetables. She suggests chopping and marinating foods ahead of time, then storing items in sealed bags in the cooler.
  • You can cook a variety of veggies in Marinated Grilled Vegetables. Dianne recommends a trip to the local farmers market to find your favorites.