Especially when holiday guests are aplenty. 

If you've relegated boxed wine to pontoon outings or judged a host as tacky for serving it at a party, we're here to help you think outside the box, or actually within it.

While boxed wine has undoubtedly not the best reputation, there's a case to be made for changing your perception of it, especially around the holidays when affordable options are needed to ply a house full of relatives and guests. For one, it's long-lasting (up to 6 weeks), which means you don't have to feel pressured to finish a whole bottle in one sitting.

Other selling points: it's easy to measure out a splash or two when you're cooking; it's much more environmentally friendly when compared to traditional glass bottles; it's portable and won't get knocked over by sugar-hyped toddlers; and today's boxed wine selection has aged well (which is to say, it's nothing like what you had 15 years ago).

Still self-conscious? You can always use that wine decanter that sits in your china cabinet, and no one will be the wiser.

These are five boxed wines that you shouldn't overlook this holiday season.

1. Black Box Chardonnay

Whether you have five drama queens for aunts or just one that's a little bit nutty, it pays to have a box of white wine on hand. This brand's Chardonnay can be served to guests or you can use a splash to make a fancy pan sauce for dinner.

2. Bota Box Shiraz

For an unexpected offering, Bota Box's Shriaz is a jammy, fruity red and a perfect pairing for a cheese plate or spicy appetizers.

3. The Naked Grape Pinot Noir

For a crowd-pleasing red, this award-winning, California-grown Pinot Noir has plenty of flavor but isn't so forward that it overpowers a meal or lightweight guests.

4. Wine Cube Pinot Grigio

Don't sleep on this box, available at most Target stores. This white wine has plenty of citrus notes, which echo the flavors of many holiday dishes.

5. Loft Cabernet Sauvignon

This box isn't the one you'll be embarrassed to leave out on the counter, and the wine inside has plenty of pronounced woody notes along with dark fruit making it a match for main attractions like a standing rib roast or rack of lamb.