9 Delicious Banana Bread Recipes

Bananas Foster Coffee Cake with Vanilla-Rum Sauce
Photo: Photo: Alison Miksch

We love banana bread for many reasons. The first? Banana bread is such a great use of overripe bananas that we are wondering why there isn't a phrase, "When life rots your bananas: make banana bread." The second reason why we love banana bread is that you can eat banana bread anytime of day–commit just one easy banana bread recipe to memory and you've got fresh banana bread for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack. Now that you're geared up to bake some easy and delicious banana breads, we've got plenty of easy banana bread recipes for you to learn–from banana bread muffins to a nutty banana bread loaf. We have kept the banana bread recipes pretty simple, but there is a small twist in each to ensure that these are the easiest and best banana bread recipes!

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Banana Bread

Banana Bread
Southern Living

Recipe: Banana Bread

It's simple, it's classic, and it's chock full of potassium. What's not to love about this snacking loaf?

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Cream Cheese-Banana-Nut Bread

Cream Cheese-Banana-Nut Bread
Photo: Beth Dreiling Hontzas

Recipe: Cream Cheese-Banana-Nut Bread

Enjoy banana bread without all the guilt with this healthy banana bread recipe.

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Bananas Foster Coffee Cake with Vanilla-Rum Sauce

Bananas Foster Coffee Cake with Vanilla-Rum Sauce
Photo: Alison Miksch

Recipe: Bananas Foster Coffee Cake with Vanilla-Rum Sauce

Substitute extra cream for rum in the sauce, if you prefer.

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Nana's Banana Bread

Nana's Banana Bread
Robbie Caponetto

Recipe: Nana's Banana Bread

Banana chunks and a hint of lime juice bring out a wonderfully fresh fruity taste in this pillowy-soft quick bread.

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Banana-nut Bread

Banana-Nut Bread
Southern Living

Recipe: Banana-nut Bread

This sweet bread has less oil than most traditional recipes, but you won't miss it. Extra bananas keep it moist.

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Mini Banana-Cranberry-Nut Bread Loaves

Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Icing
Photo: Luca Trovato

Recipe: Mini Banana-Cranberry-Nut Bread Loaves

Cranberries and a citrus glaze add a sweet-and-tart note to this delicious bread. The recipe makes five mini loaves—great for hostess gifts!

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Banana Snack Cake

Banana Snack Cake
Photo: Greg Dupree

Recipe: Banana Snack Cake

Garnish this fun cake with Glazed Banana Slices for a chic, modern spin, or simply gild it with the Cream Cheese Frosting.

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Brown Sugar-Banana Muffins

Muffins and Bread Recipes: Brown Sugar-Banana Muffins

Recipe: Brown Sugar-Banana Muffins

These brown sugar-banana muffins are so yummy, it'll be hard to eat just one!

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Cinnamon Crisp-Topped Cream Cheese-Banana-Nut Bread

Cinnamon Crisp-Topped Cream Cheese-Banana-Nut Bread

Recipe: Cinnamon Crisp-Topped Cream Cheese-Banana-Nut Bread

Warm bread is yummy, but to get perfect slices, let bread cool 30 minutes, and cut with a serrated or electric knife.

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