It's a regional North Carolina favorite.

The South is known for its unique, delicious, and memorable food. Our region is home to countless masterpieces like shrimp & grits, jambalaya, fried green tomatoes, and sweet tea. However, we do have some culinary concoctions that are slightly more… adventurous.

Livermush. You read that correctly. It's certainly not the most appetizing name, but some folks in North Carolina consider it a local delicacy. What exactly is this misunderstood food, you may ask? Livermush is a puree of pig livers and spices held together with cornmeal – making the dish sliceable and moldable. Livermush is usually served as a breakfast dish alongside eggs or sandwiched between bread or biscuits; you can fry it up in your cast-iron skillet and smear on some Duke's or add a squirt of mustard.

We rounded up our Southern Living editors for a blind taste-test of this nostalgic Southern dish, and the results were pretty hilarious. It reminded some of breakfast sausage with an unpleasant aftertaste, while others compared it to a gooey version of a store-bought breakfast sandwich. Most editors were shocked to hear they had just eaten livermush. One editor described the food as "fancy," while another called it a "gravy-stuffed" burger. The results were inconclusive. You'll just have to try it for yourself, and let us know what you think!