Duke's Mayonnaise Releases Lineup of "Bold" New Products

Well, I declare!

Hold onto your mayo-based salads and sandwiches, y'all.

The South's favorite mayonnaise brand has introduced not one, not two, not three, not four, but eight new products!

New Duke's Mayo Products
Duke's Mayonnaise

Duke's new products include a line of four flavored mayos, three dressings for coleslaw and potato salad, and Duke's Hint of Lime Mayonnaise.

Now, before you get too scandalized, Duke's insists that these new items are inspired by the brand's history, following in the tradition of entrepreneur Eugenia Duke's mayonnaise recipe that's graced tables for over 100 years. They simply want to bring "new excitement and flavor to the mayonnaise category." Can you blame them?

In addition to Duke's new Hint of Lime Mayonnaise—the classic Duke's Mayonnaise you know and love with a splash of real lime juice—Duke's is also launching four mayonnaises with flavors "that speak to Duke's Southern heritage": Bacon & Tomato, Cucumber Dill, Fire Roasted Red Pepper, and Habanero Garlic.

And for all your mayo-based salad needs, Duke's Dressings come in Southern Style Coleslaw, Spicy Coleslaw, and Creamy Potato Salad.

"Just pour, mix, and enjoy for the perfect Southern side dish," a news release boasts.

"We know our consumers love to experiment in the kitchen. We expect these new products will inspire recipes and meals of our loyal fans by exciting their taste buds with that special, palate-pleasing twang Duke's is known for," Joe Tuza, President of Condiments, Sauces, and Dressings at Sauer Brands, said in a news release.

According to Duke's, these new items are a part of a brand transformation that began in 2020 with launch of Duke's Southern Sauces, and the sponsorship of the first ever Duke's Mayo Bowl.

The new products are now available at select grocery stores and on DukesMayo.com.

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