This Is Not a Drill: Duke's Mayonnaise Released a Beer… and It's Designed to Be Paired With a BLT

The name of the new lager, Family Recipe, is a nod to Duke's founder Eugenia Duke.

Duke's Mayonnaise and Champion Brewing Company have teamed up to create the ultimate accompaniment for the South's favorite sandwich.

The beloved mayo company has partnered with the Charlottesville-based brewery to produce a beer crafted specifically for drinking with a mouthwatering, Duke's-slathered BLT. It's the beverage we never knew we needed!

Dukes Mayonnaise-Champion Brewing-Family Recipe
Duke's Mayonnaise

The Vienna-style lager, aptly named Family Recipe, is available now at Champion's breweries, restaurants, and retailers across Virginia and North Carolina.

"The spirit of this collaboration truly encapsulates the Duke's brand—it's bold, Southern, and a little saucy," Duke's Brand Marketing Manager of Mayohem, Rebecca Lupesco, said in a news release. "Champion has perfected the art of beer and food pairings with Family Recipe—sun-ripened, juicy tomatoes, crispy bacon, lots of Duke's mayo, and a refreshing sipping beer is basically what summertime is made for."

The name, Family Recipe, is a nod to Duke's mayo founder Eugenia Duke's legendary recipe, which she developed in 1917 in Greenville, South Carolina. To this day, every jar of Duke's Real Mayonnaise is made with the same original family recipe.

"I am inspired by the legacy and loyalty commanded by the Duke's brand, plus it's the only mayo that is used in our restaurants, so it only made sense to collaborate," said Champion owner Hunter Smith. "We think we've created a beverage that celebrates the southern heritage of our respective products."

Cheers to that!

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