Bloody Marys and beyond.

Carrot Juice

Naturally sweet and vibrant in color, carrots are delicious in liquid form, and happen to make a great cocktail mixer. Our Carrot-Ginger Beer (pictured above) is a complex blend of cold-pressed carrot juice (make your own, or look for it in bottles in the produce section of the supermarket), spiced rum, brown sugar, ginger beer, mint and lime. Avoiding alcohol? Simply omit the rum and enjoy.

Tomato Juice

When you think of tomato juice, the bloody Mary is sure to come to mind. There are so many ways to flavor this classic cocktail, from citrus juices, to hot sauce, to our best-ever version, which calls for jarred roasted red peppers. But the main ingredients are always the same: tomato juice (or vegetable juice, such as V8) and vodka. The bloody Mary is also the starting point for a number of other cocktails: For a bloody Maria, replace the vodka with tequila. For a michelada, top off the bloody Mary mixer with light beer and serve with a lime wedge. For a virgin Mary, hold the vodka and add more citrus juice to taste. For a bloody Caesar combine equal parts Bloody Mary mixer and bottled clam juice.

If you're in the mood for a drink that's on the sweeter side, tomato juice can work too! It is a fruit, after all. Our Tomato-Watermelon Cocktail combines tomatoes, watermelon, a jalapeno, and cucumbers with lime juice, tequila or vodka. It's practically a salad. Just make sure the tomato juice is freshly squeezed or juiced in a juicer, not from a bottle or can.

Cucumber Juice

This crisp, refreshing vegetable is a natural pairing for any cocktail that contains gin because many brands of gin have distinct cucumber notes. This aromatic Cucumber Gin and Tonic recipe is made with freshly muddled cucumbers and limes, tonic water, gin, and cucumber slices for garnish. For a nonalcoholic option that's also delicious, leave out the gin.