Say It Isn't So! We're Reportedly in the Midst of a Nationwide Topo Chico Shortage

Y’all love Ranch Water a little too much!

Hold onto your Ranch Waters!

If you've had a hard time finding the star ingredient of this summer's hottest cocktail recently, you're not alone. A spokesperson for Topo Chico confirmed to Austin's KXAN that they're currently experiencing "extremely strong consumer demand" coupled with "a shortage of raw materials," which has led to a dearth of the sparkling mineral water on store shelves nationwide.

Topo Chico Production
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"We're working hard and implementing contingency plans to keep the products people love on shelves during this temporary shortage," said the company.

While Topo Chico didn't elaborate on which raw materials were causing the problem, University of Texas supply chain expert Edward Anderson told KXAN that there's currently a glass shortage as bars and restaurants reopen.

"They've been trying to restock all the alcohol that they would keep behind their bars," he said. "And so, that's put an extra surge in demand over and above normal consumer demand."

Founded in Mexico in 1895 and purchased by Coca Cola in 2017, Topo Chico has exploded in popularity in recent years thanks to its role in everybody's favorite tequila cocktail, Ranch Water.

Topo Chico is latest victim of supply chain issues caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. We hope production gets back to normal soon because we're parched just thinking about a summer without a steady supply of Ranch Water!

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