Topo Chico: The Fizzy Water With A Fanatic Following

This brand has been loved in Texas for years, but it is making its way across the country.

An ice-cold Topo Chico is one of the most refreshing beverages a Southerner could pick on one of our hot and humid summer days. Devotees of Topo Chico—and, boy, are they devoted—have been telling us about the exceptional effervescence of this mineral water from Mexico for years, but finding a bottle to try wasn't always easy outside of Texas. But lately, Topo Chico is starting to get around.

This extra-fizzy mineral water is delicious as is, although that same high carbonation and unique taste also make it a great mixer. It's the star ingredient in Texas Ranch Water, summer's breakout cocktail sensation, and some people start their day by using Topo to top off their cold brew coffee concentrate.

Topo Chico at the Beach
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Where Does Its Mineral Water Come From?

Topo Chico Agua Mineral has been bottled at its source, an inactive volcano in Monterrey, since 1895. Bottlers add only enough carbonation to replace any of the natural bubbles lost during purification. The process doesn't alter the natural minerals that give Topo Chico its bright, clean finish that some say has a trace of salinity and citrus.

The Healing Reputation Of Topo Chico

Most people like to swig Topo Chico straight from its signature long, slender, glass bottle with a pale blue-green tint, retro vibe, and an old-fashioned metal cap that holds in all those bubbles, just right for chilling. Most people agree that Topo Chico is notably thirst-quenching. Others go so far as to say it alleviates indigestion and can take the edge off a hangover. It's long had a reputation as a beverage that makes people feel better. Legend holds that once there was an Aztec princess who fell so ill that no doctors could cure her, but she was saved by drinking special water from a miraculous hidden source that provided "vigor, joy, strength, and refreshment." The princess pulled through, the good news spread throughout the land, and the story and reputation of Topo Chico were born.

What Makes Topo Chico Different?

Advocates of Topo Chico say it's more flavorful than many bottled mineral waters. The water contains small amounts of calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, and sulfates that give it a distinctive and slightly salty flavor specific to springwater from the Topo Chico hill. The beverage also packs a punch from its effervescent carbonation.

Who Makes Topo Chico Today?

Topo Chico is now owned and distributed by Coca-Cola, which is making it easier to find on menus and on store shelves across the country. In addition to the original single-serving bottle, it's now available in larger bottles with twist-off caps. Original Topo remains most popular, although there are now a couple of flavored versions called Twist of Lime and Twist of Grapefruit, as well as a line of flavored hard seltzers.

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