Vianney Rodriguez, the South Texas food blogger behind Sweet Life, shares a delicious and dramatic cocktail that's made for summer parties.
Hibiscus Martini
Credit: Jason David Page

Agua de jamaica (hibiscus punch) was my favorite drink growing up and the first agua I tried in Mexico as a child. Hibiscus punch is a dark, ruby red drink that is tart, sweet, and super refreshing. It's served chilled or over ice and is the perfect drink to quench your thirst on a hot summer day. As a child, I couldn't get enough of it. And now as an adult, I'm still addicted to the rich, crisp flavor of this classic drink.

I often find myself creating a new twist on this old-time favorite by adding homemade hibiscus syrup and candied hibiscus flowers to my cocktails. From gin, to rum, to tequila, to vermouth, hibiscus syrup adds a beautiful and rich flavor and color to any cocktail that your guests will adore.

Today I am sharing a stunning cocktail with you that I recently whipped up for a ladies' night in. For many of my friends, it was their first time trying hibiscus! (*Gasp*) But these gorgeous hibiscus martinis were a BIG hit with my fellow Texas gals. Served super chilled and garnished with candied hibiscus flowers, these martinis are simply gorgeous!

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