Stuckey's Just Launched a Pecan Log Roll Beer Inspired By Your Favorite Childhood Treat

We never saw this one coming. 

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Photo: Courtesy Stuckey's/Wild Heaven Beer

Back in the day, when Southerners hit the road five-deep in the family car to visit relatives during the holidays or head down to the beach for the annual summer vacation, there was always time for a stop at Stuckey's, the most beloved of all retro roadside stores founded in Eastman, Georgia, in 1937. It served as the perfect spot to grab their most legendary product: pecan logs. You know, the things with the fluffy homemade nougat center, thin coating of homemade caramel, and a crunchy outer layer of pecan pieces?

Stuckey's pecan logs have been "world-famous" for decades now (at least in the South), and now the family-owned convenience store chain is expanding into previously uncharted territory with their own Pecan Log Roll Beer in partnership with Georgia brewing company, Wild Heaven Beer. And it's destined to be the sweetest six-pack in the South.

Featuring real Georgia roasted pecans—sourced straight from the Stuckey family farm—and hints of nougat and maraschino cherry, Stuckey's Pecan Log Roll Beer might be the only brown ale out there that can bring back cherished memories of childhood road trips and help create new memories of the classic Southern treat. "I wanted to make a beer that still tastes like beer, while spotlighting what makes people love the pecan log roll. And as a horticulturist, using real Georgia pecans is as true as it can be," says Wild Heaven Beer brewmaster Eric Johnson.

Right now, Stuckey's Pecan Log Roll Beer is available in 16-ounce four-packs and on draft at both Wild Heaven Beer taproom locations (Atlanta's Avondale Estates and West End neighborhoods), including via the Wild Heaven online store here. It will be available for more distribution in Georgia later in 2020 and in 2021, as well as limited national distribution. (You can also snag the t-shirt here.)

Stuckey's CEO Stephanie Stuckey (granddaughter of founder W.S. "Sylvester" Stuckey, Sr.) adds: "We're breathing new life into the Stuckey's brand by collaborating with innovative partners like Wild Heaven that share our love for Southern culture. I'm sure my grandmother is smiling down from heaven knowing that a new generation is being introduced to her famous pecan log roll recipe through this delicious beer."

So if you like to take your beer on the sweeter side, try out this unique Southern brew—and grab a pecan log for snacking on the side. Just no drinking and road-tripping, folks!

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