South Carolina writer Anne Wolfe Postic shares her secret for hangover-free imbibing.
Spiked Fruit Spritzer
Credit: Anne Wolfe Postic

Here we are again. Summer's in full swing and the beach is calling. Every year, I hone my day drinking skills. And by "hone," I mean tone them down so I can enjoy all the daylight hours Edisto Island (or Litchfield or Isle of Palms or wherever you've invited me) has to offer. By the way, I love that Zac Brown song as much as anyone else, but I do wish he made a clean version, like the one my 10-year-old and I sing on our beach walks, replacing that one word with "bottom." Also, can we replace "cold beer" with "Tervis?" Because I'm far more likely to have my toes in the water, bottom in the sand, and a cold Tervis in my hand on the beach than anything else.

Of course, the beauty of the insulated cup is that the tumbler itself isn't cold, just the beverage inside it. My mother, who was even thriftier than I am (and now that we're paying Sewanee tuition for our oldest son, I get it), swore by a Tervis. She didn't care so much about the plentiful design options, but she warned me never to go for a knock-off, because they just weren't as good. I have a special Edisto tumbler I keep at the beach house and whenever I take it out, I think of Mom. She was really smart, and funny as all get-out, and I miss her every day.

And she enjoyed a cold beverage as much as the next lady, but she always played it safe and behaved herself, at least for as long as I knew her. I suspect her college years were a little sillier, but we all grow up. And by your mid-twenties, you should know how to day drink without compromising your values or embarrassing your family.

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This year will be the best one yet. My day drinking skills are finely tuned. The secret to my Responsible Watermelon Spritzer is this: It's bottomless, hydrating, and never too boozy. But it still feels festive. At weddings, I always ask for vodka soda with just the tiniest splash of vodka, and I mean it. The splash means I can have several, when I'm really only having two. Much like my tiny wedding drinks, this Watermelon Spritzer makes me think I'm drinking more than I am. (I'm simple that way.) So, cheers! Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Anne Wolfe Postic is a freelance writer living in South Carolina with her husband, their three sons, and a fluffy white dog. She travels with relish (and often a jar of Duke's mayonnaise). She cooks her feelings and invites people over to eat them. Anne writes and blogs about parenting, etiquette, healthy eating, home cooking, and traveling. She recommends taking all of her advice with a huge chunk of salt.