Southern Bite's Stacey Little shares his favorite spin on a summertime essential: lemonade.
Basil Lemonade
Credit: Stacey Little

When my son Jack was little, he couldn't say lemonade. It was "lemon-lade" and it was one of the cutest things ever. As parents, we do whatever we can to hang on to those little things in an attempt to avoid admitting that our babies are growing up, and I remember hoping that he'd never outgrow saying it that way.

He's eight now and says it perfectly, but it's one of those things that I remember so well from his early childhood. It's nostalgic. Sometimes I make him say it just so I can hear it one more time. His voice has lost that baby tone, but it still warms my heart to hear. There's just something about lemon-lade.

I was in Nashville a few years ago for a meeting with my publisher and ended up grabbing dinner with a dear high school friend who lived there. We went to the most amazing little restaurant that had a delicious menu. But one thing stood out to me…their Basil Lemonade. It was so intriguing, I had to order it. I bet I drank four glasses. It was just so light and refreshing and the basil added such a bright and vibrant flavor to one of my already favorite beverages.

Ever since then, I've been obsessed with it. In fact, I grow extra basil in our little garden just to be able to make it. Now with most grocery stores carrying fresh basil year-round, I don't have to wait until the summer months to enjoy it. Though I'll admit, it some how just tastes better when it's warm outside.

It is so easy to make too. It's a simple as making a simple syrup that has fresh basil muddled and steeped in it, then making lemonade with fresh lemon juice. Served over ice with a garnish of basil and lemon, it is sure to be a hit around the pool or at the beach this summer!

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