2 Peppermint Cocktails to Toast the Holiday Season

There are certain flavors synonymous with the holiday season. Gingerbread, cranberry, and eggnog are a few, but perhaps no flavor screams "Christmastime" quite as loud as peppermint. From peppermint dessert recipes like pinwheel cookies to towering chocolate-peppermint layer cakes, we love adding a drop of peppermint extract or a sprinkle of crushed peppermint candies to our holiday baking repertoire. These peppermint drinks will bring a little wintry whimsy to your bar cart this holiday season. If you're on the hunt for a signature house cocktail for your annual Christmas party, look no further than our Mint-and-White Chocolate Milk Punch. This refreshing twist on classic milk punch looks beautiful in a glass rimmed with crushed peppermints and topped with freshly grated nutmeg. Our Slow-Cooker Hot Chocolate is just the peppermint schnapps drink your Hallmark Christmas movie marathon needs. These peppermint drinks just might become Christmas traditions in your home. One sip of these peppermint cocktails will have you feeling festive.

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Slow-Cooker Hot Chocolate

Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate
Caitlin Bensel

Recipe: Slow-Cooker Hot Chocolate

This slow-cooker hot chocolate is delicious as-is, but we gave it an adults-only spin by adding peppermint schnapps. Top mugs of boozy hot chocolate with crushed peppermints and mini marshmallows for festive presentation.

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Mint-and-White Chocolate Milk Punch

Mint-and-White Chocolate Milk Punch
Photo: Iain Bagwell; Styling: Heather Chadduck

Recipe: Mint-and-White Chocolate Milk Punch

We made this classic holiday cocktail even more festive with the addition of mint. To serve with a fun twist, crush peppermint sticks, dip your cups in corn syrup, and dip again in the peppermint. Cheers!

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