Yes please.
Oreo cookies
Oreo cookies.
| Credit: Mandel Ngan via Getty Images

This is not a drill. A local Virginia brewery really is making Oreo-flavored beer.

The Veil Brewing in Richmond recently debuted a brand new limited release beer they're calling the "Hornswoggler with Oreos" available in 16 oz. cans. The evil geniuses behind the new brewery simply aged their existing milk stout with Oreos, creating the boozy, chocolatey libation of our dreams.

"We took our 7% robust chocolate milk stout Hornswoggler and conditioned it on hundreds of pounds of Oreo cookies," the brand announced on Facebook. "If you like Oreo cookies, this is a must try."

Food and Wine explains "conditioning" as a short aging period where, after the beer is finished, it's mixed with some additional ingredient(s) to allow it to soak up those flavors. After they've done their thing, the additional ingredients are removed so you don't have to worry about gulping down any chunks (no matter how delicious) when you're enjoying your beer.

The Veil Brewing didn't manage to get all the little Oreo crumbs out of the brew (lucky us!) so they recommend keeping the cans refrigerated to prevent any additional fermentation from causing them to explode.

Unfortunately, the brewers sold out of the first batch of "Hornswoggler with Oreos" shortly after it was released, but based on its popularity, we're be willing to bet they'll bring it back soon.