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Instant Pot acolytes already know how much this affordable pressure cooker/slow cooker hybrid can do. But we have a feeling that even the most devoted "Potheads" will be shocked to learn that their beloved device can also make wine.

Yes, wine.

Earlier this year, food blogger and recipe developer David Murphy unlocked yet another one of the Instant Pot's many features, setting the Internet ablaze when he used it to successfully create fermented grape juice.

"Believe it or not, it's not as hard as you might think it is to make Instant Pot wine, but it does take a little bit of patience," Murphy wrote on his blog FoodNService.

The instructions are a bit lengthy (you can find them on Murphy's blog) but they involve combining 64oz of Welch's grape juice, one cup of granulated sugar and a half of a packet of red wine yeast in your Instant Pot, putting it on its lowest temperature setting "Yogurt" and then letting it do its thing for 48 hours. Next, bottle it and store it in a cool dark place for eight days in order for it to fully ferment and loose its carbonation.

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The result is a 11% ABV wine with a beautifully deep color that Murphy describes as comparable to a soft merlot. "You can literally taste sweet dark cherries and a little raw dark chocolate," he told Today.

Wild, right?