Could this be the sweetest drink yet?
Hot Cocoa
Credit: Starbucks

This article originally appeared on Real Simple

On Friday, Starbucks unveiled the newest addition to its lineup of seasonal beverages. The drink, a Snickerdoodle Hot Cocoa, is available starting Friday, December 2, at participating Starbucks' stores throughout the United States. And it promises to be an all-time favorite cookie… in a cup.

The warm cocoa drink isn't your typical dark chocolate variety. Instead, this one, which supposedly mimics the smell and taste of a snickerdoodle cookie (you know, that soft and buttery cinnamon-vanilla treat), is made with steamed milk, white chocolate sauce, and cinnamon dolce syrup, then topped with whipped cream and a dusting of cinnamon sugar.

Does the cold-weather favorite deliver on the holiday promise? Some staffers thought it was a bit too sweet, while others reported that it tasted like warm, flavored milk (not necessarily a bad thing, but not likely to become their new go-to order). Others happily sipped the liquid cookie. It does have a distinct holiday aroma, so if it's that nostalgic scent you're looking for, we suggest giving it a try. (For a spiked version, you can try our holiday cookie cocktails!) But if what you really love is a rich, creamy mug of hot cocoa, we suggest you stick with the plain variety—and just buy a cookie to go along with it.

Starbucks also offers a range of other holiday hot cocoa beverages to choose from, including peppermint hot cocoa, salted caramel hot cocoa, and white chocolate hot cocoa. Starbucks says the seasonal beverages will be available "through the holidays," so you're best bet is to give the festive drinks a try as soon as you can.