The Bridgerton Tea Collection is Here Ahead of Season 2 Premiere

Put the kettle on, Lady Whistledown!

The Bridgerton Collection
Photo: The Republic of Tea

Season two of Netflix's steamy hit, Bridgerton is almost here and we can hardly wait. But ahead of the premiere of the next installment of the Shondaland smash on March 25, you still have time to catch up or re-watch season one, learn the true story behind the series' narrator, that pot-stirring Lady Whistledown, and to stock your tea cart with the brand new, limited edition, Bridgerton Tea Collection from The Republic of Tea. Check out the selection and descriptions straight from the tea company themselves, below:

  • Anthony & Kate Spiced Chai – This medley of exceptional black tea and warm spices like cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves and black pepper, steeps a rich and formidable cup. Best sipped when spirited scheming and taming wicked rogues are on the agenda. Prepare this chai in the traditional method – accompanied by warm milk, a touch of honey and an abundance of irresistible passion.
  • Duke & Duchess Honey Breakfast Tea – Pure, sweet honey tempers the boldness of strong black tea, paired with blackberry and vanilla flavors. Could there be a more perfect coupling? Sip this seductive infusion to ignite desire and, ultimately, devotion. Best taken with a big spoonful of warm milk.
  • Featherington's Blood Orange Mimosa Tea – These days, the modern young lady must display a miscellany of talents in her quest for a suitor, and the ladies of the Featherington household are no exception to this rule. This quest requires delightful refreshment in the form of this ruby-hued hibiscus tea laced with the essence of champagne and blood oranges. But will this be enough sustenance to fill a dance card? One can only speculate. Caffeine-free.
  • Queen's Cake Vanilla Fruit Tea – This diamond of an herbal tea is imbued with the flavors of a rich vanilla confection studded with sweet black currants and lemon. This cup meets the discerning approval of Queen Charlotte – the veritable tastemaker of London society. Sip like a royal and enjoy this decadent tea with no scandal and no remorse.
  • Whistledown Punch Hibiscus Iced Tea – Is there a more perfect way to start event season than with a delectable, iced tea? A fashionable arrangement of exotic hibiscus blossoms with a mélange of citrus and pineapple steep a pleasing refreshment to sip while indulging in the latest gossip. Caffeine-free.

We think even Lady Whistledown would approve of these delicious teas. Which blend tickles your fancy the most?

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