The Christmas Season Hasn't Started Until My Grandmother Whips Up Her Famous Big-Batch Hot Chocolate Mix

Coziness in a cup.

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Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate
Caitlin Bensel

Growing up, it wasn't until I saw my grandmother pull out her extra big and tall Tupperware and one particular recipe card that I knew the holiday season was here. When I think of cold weather, I smell her homemade hot chocolate mix, even if I haven't had it in years. It's something that sticks with me and that I yearn for as I watch Hallmark movies and decorate the Christmas tree.

To innocent passersby, it could look unsavory. In reality, everyone loves toting a mug of my grandmother's signature hot chocolate blend. It tastes like old-fashioned hot chocolate before watered-down packets with dehydrated marshmallows became the norm. I might be biased, but it's heaven. It's creamy, thick, sweet coziness in a cup.

When she started making me a personal batch, I had to share it with everyone. No person should consume that much hot chocolate, and I would never let her thoughtfulness go to waste. For anyone wanting to make hot chocolate this year, it's a sure bet for holiday success.

(Disclaimer: If the ingredients initially confuse you, same—but a good granddaughter does not stray from the recipe card!) It calls for just four dry ingredients and very little instruction—which, as it happens, is my favorite type of recipe. This ingredient is what to look for as far as dry milk. She prefers the brands she's been using for decades, but feel free to customize according to your preference.

Mamma's Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

Hot Chocolate Mix
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Sift all ingredients (instant dry milk, chocolate power, powder sugar, and powdered creamer) into a large Tupperware container until no lumps remain, and the mixture is fully cohesive.

To serve, mix equal parts hot water and hot chocolate mix. You can do this in a mug, large insulated pitcher, or on the stovetop, according to your preference.

We grew up popping half a mug of water into the microwave for a minute or two before adding the mix and stirring. Top with as many marshmallows as you can muster into the mug.

Get the recipe.

The mix will stay good for months if you keep it sealed properly, and my grandmother usually makes a new batch at the start of every holiday season to last the cold months. It's the perfect big-batch recipe to bag up into goodie bags for friends and family and the most fantastic holiday treat ever for kids. Make my Mamma's recipe, and this season will be extra sweet.

Consider this the ultimate holiday food gift to make in November and bring the spirit all season long.

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