Here's how to order it.
Credit: Steve Heap/Getty Images

What's a trip to Costco without swooping up some free samples and swinging by the food court for a bite?

A sad one if you're not taking advantage of this genius tip to enjoy a root beer float while shopping. As Danielle Centoni shares on The Kitchn, Costco doesn't offer root beer floats on their menu, but it's super easy to whip up a makeshift one on your own.

"To make a float at Costco, just order a vanilla frozen yogurt and a soda. They'll give you an empty soda cup, which you should fill about three-quarters full with root beer," explains Centoni, who first got the idea from her young daughter. "Spoon in as much fro-yo as you can fit, then slowly fill the now half-empty cup of fro-yo with root beer (it will foam up considerably so go as slow as you can). Suddenly you have two big root beer floats for about $2." So simple — how have we never thought of this one?

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