Why Did We Ever Stop Drinking Bellinis? This Peach Cocktail Is Perfectly Refreshing

Sweet, bubbly, and packed with personality. 

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If the South had to pledge loyalty to just one singular fruit, it would be wholly disrespectful to choose anything other than the peach. The soft, sweet, juicy, bright stone fruit stars in some of our favorite seasonal dishes, from fresh peach cobbler to homemade peach ice cream. Despite only being in-season for a short time during summer, we know to freeze and save some for whenever the hankering strikes later in the year. In the South, peach is king.

That's why it's almost irreverent that we've let the most classic peach cocktail of all time be ignored. It's time to give the Bellini a second look.

What Is a Peach Bellini?

Bellinis have been around since the 1940s when Henry Cipriani invented the bubbly cocktail at the legendary Harry's Bar in Venice, Italy. The concept was simple, calling for just two ingredients: Prosecco and fresh peach purée. After garnering a famed following, including Ernest Hemingway, the Bellini gained more worldwide popularity and was placed on the menus of authentic Italian restaurants and bars in the United States, as well as eventually on most breakfast and lunch menus alongside other daytime-friendly sparkling cocktails.

However, Bellinis eventually became less popular than similar cocktails, such as the Champagne-and-orange Mimosa, and are now seen on fewer menus. A tragedy for peach lovers everywhere! Here's why the Bellini deserves to make a comeback.

Beyond being easy to make at home, it offers a unique flavor profile that highlights our beloved peach. The fruitiness and sweetness perfectly compliment the crisp bubbles of Prosecco, and you're able to either make your own fresh peach purée—it's important to note that an authentic Bellini technically calls for white peaches for the purée—or go with a store-bought option. You can even purchase Cipriani's famed white peach purée Bellini Mix here.

In fact, we'd argue that orange juice is hardly up to par for something as special and flavorful as peach purée. Alongside the nostalgic Dirty Shirley and crowd-pleasing Texas Ranch Water, you'll be set with house cocktails to go from brunch to late-night all year long.

How To Make a Peach Bellini

You'll be happy to hear that making the perfect peach Bellini is quite simple. All that it requires is the right recipe (use ours below), a Champagne flute, and some careful pouring. Consider the instructions below your cheat sheet.

Easy Peach Bellini Recipe

1.5 ounces peach purée for each serving (about 1 shot; preferably white peach purée)
1 bottle of Prosecco
Peach slices for garnish (optional)

Instructions: Pour peach purée into a chilled Champagne flute. Top with Prosecco. Garnish as desired.

How To Make Homemade Peach Purée

It's a simple ratio of fresh peaches, lemon juice, sugar, and water. For every two peaches (they must be peeled, seeded, and cut into quarters), add about a tablespoon of lemon juice and teaspoon of sugar. If peaches are still not quite ripe enough to blend easily, add a tablespoon of water as needed. Blend until combined. You can add more sour or sweet as desired to taste. Run through a sieve to ensure a smooth finish. Again, search out and use white peaches preferably, but other varieties can be used for similar taste.

Different Substitutions for Peach Bellinis

Peach nectar or peach juice can be used as substitutes for white peach purée if you can't find the mix in-store and do not wish to make it at home. Some people even opt to use their local fresh peaches in lieu of white peaches. Additionally, Champagne or sparkling wine can be used as substitutes for Prosecco. For a complimentary garnish other than a peach slice, use fresh herbs, such as basil or rosemary.

Some people prefer to enhance the peach flavor by adding one ounce of Peach Schnapps to the cocktail, while others eliminate the booze altogether for a nonalcoholic Bellini using sparkling grape juice or sparkling water, such as the Peach-Pear La Croix.

More of Our Best Peach Cocktails

Peaches are the reason for the summer season—and beyond if your freezer is packed properly—and there is no shortage of Southern cocktails that showcase the standout ingredient and go along with your perfect Peach Bellini. Get a major cooldown going with our Frozen Peach Old-Fashioned or our Frozen Peach Margaritas. You can also opt for something ultra-refreshing with our Carolina Peach Sangria. One thing's for sure: You won't be getting thirsty. Or bored!

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