Spicy Rosé Is the Unexpected Summer Drink People Are Obsessed With Right Now

Don’t knock it until you try it.

Spicy Rosé TikTok Trend
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For anyone late to the party, it's full-fledged summertime in the South. As in, the humidity is thick, the gnats are swarming, and many peach cobblers are baking. One of the quintessential activities to do during summer in the South is the classic porch hang with a porch drink and your best porch crew. It might feel counterproductive to step outside the air conditioning, but Southerners will do anything in the name of a crisp glass of vino and a little bit of gossip.

Speaking of it, rosé is the easiest wine choice to make in the summer. Classic, light, and perfectly acceptable with ice cubes, it's the sip you want when enjoying the sunset or attending an outdoor cookout. This year, there's a trend that takes your rosé and kicks it up a notch. Say hello to spicy rosé—just in time for summer's hottest days.

Basically, spicy rosé is when you add jalapeño pepper to your glass of rosé wine, then throw in a couple ice cubes while you're at it. While there's no definite story on how spicy rosé got started, it's recently taken off online and on social media (primarily thanks to TikTok user @allyssainthekitchen's viral videos) as a surprisingly refreshing drink that's easy to make. Some tout it as the perfect drink to bring along to the golf course or the pool, while others say it's a festive option for those who already prefer a spicy cocktail, such as a spicy margarita.

When you really think about it, it makes total sense that the combination would work. A hint of spice tends to perfectly compliment sweetness and citrusy undertones. Since rosé has those flavor attributes, jalapeños make a worthy sidekick.

To make spicy rosé yourself at home, simply pour a glass of your favorite rosé, throw in one or two fresh jalapeño slices, add a couple ice cubes, and enjoy. As it sits, the peppers will infuse the wine with just subtle spice. Those who are scared of peppers, feel free to remove some of the seeds before putting them into the wine. For those who want stronger spice instantly, we suggest muddling the jalapeño slices in the bottom of the wine glass before topping off with rosé. Just make sure to add a tipple of wine before muddling, which is essential for getting the flavor out of the peppers. You could also easily make spicy rosé into a spritzer by topping it off with sparkling water or club soda.

What initially seemed like an unlikely duo might just be our new favorite cocktail for summer.

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