Always be prepared with the right mixer.
Southern Living Bloody Mary
Credit: Jennifer Causey; Prop Styling: Audrey Davis; Food Styling: Mary Claire Britton

You know a great Bloody Mary when you taste one. There are many ways to mix up a Bloody Mary, but one thing is certain: A great Bloody Mary starts with the mixer. It needs pizzazz. It needs spice. Does your mixer make the cut? Don't worry: With our help, it will. Make sure that one sip of your Bloody Mary is the most memorable part of tomorrow's brunch. It's easier than it sounds—and it is so, so delicious.

Vegetable Juice

This is the key, the base, and the foundation of all Bloody Marys. We prefer a vegetable juice that is sold in a plastic container, because the canned kind leaves a metallic aftertaste. We're going for a vibrant taste, not an aluminum one. Once you've chosen your veggie juice of choice, you're halfway to a classic Bloody Mary. What you do next builds on that, elevating the classic beverage to a drink that has your personal signature.

Roasted Red Peppers

Surprise! This unexpected ingredient thickens the mix and balances the tomato juice flavor perfectly. You can roast your own red peppers in the oven at 450 degrees on a rimmed baking sheet until they're charred.

Lemon and Lime Juices

Where would we be without our citrus? With a forgettable Bloody Mary, probably. A mix of these two citrus juices adds brightness and acidity to your mixer. They bring tart flavor to the mix, a welcome combination and a great balance to the sweetness of the tomato juice. Alter the balance of juices depending on your taste preferences.


Half the fun of a Bloody Mary is the built-in snack it provides. Additions like these make your Bloody Mary even more tasty—and festive. Here are three delicious options.


Celery stick only. This is the most elegant of Bloody Mary options. One green celery stick rising from the glass is streamlined and provides just the right amount of crunch.


Celery stick and skewer of garnishes. For slightly more snacking, add a skewer of garnishes to your celery stick. Choose your favorite garnishes, or let your guests choose their own from a spread of garnishes laid out on decorative plates at the Bloody Mary bar. Everyone loves an opportunity to customize.


Celery stick, skewer of garnishes, bacon salt rim, and okra. Go big or go home. Adding to the celery stick and garnishes, we're big fans of the bacon salt rim (yes, please!) and a pod of okra. This is brunch in a glass—and we love it. Savory and seasonal, these additions elevate the Bloody Mary to an art form. It'll be the talk of the town.

Spring is filled with reasons to pull out the Bloody Mary Mixer, so get ready to enjoy!