Meet the Apple Cider Mimosa.
Fizzy Cider Punch
Credit: Photo: Hector Manuel Sanchez; Prop Styling: Karin Olsen; Food Styling: William Smith

When it comes to fall cocktails, cider is often the star of the show. A simple mix of apple cider and bourbon will warm you right up on a chilly night. But if you're having a dinner party or hosting Thanksgiving and want to get a little fancy with your apple cider cocktail, we've got just the thing: Meet the Apple Cider Mimosa.

To make an Apple Cider Mimosa, simply swap apple cider for orange juice and pour the same ratio you would with a mimosa. But why stop there? There are a few fun ways to dress up the Apple Cider Mimosa.

For festive presentation, dip your champagne flute rims in water and then in a combination of cinnamon and sugar or even homemade caramel for a sweet touch of autumn flavor. Top each glass with an apple slice for even more pizzaz or throw in a cinnamon stick as garnish.

Apple cider and champagne are delicious as a pair, but there are a few extra ingredients you can add that make these Apple Cider Mimosas something totally new and delicious. A splash of bourbon or whiskey will make your cocktail even more cozy. Our Fizzy Cider Punch Recipe is a big-batch version that also includes brandy, which is perfect for a large holiday crowd. If you're not into dark liquor, try regular vodka or even caramel-flavored vodka for seasonal flavor.

However you serve these Apple Cider Mimosas, we guarantee your autumn crowd will love them. We're going to start with a batch of Fizzy Cider Punch. Cheers, y'all!