The Best Way To Avoid Cloudy Iced Tea

The trick is easier than you would think.

There are a few things Southerners take seriously: Mama's homemade biscuits, football season, and sweet tea. It's almost offensive when a waiter asks us "unsweet or sweet?" It's sweet tea every time.

My Mama always taught me to offer homemade sweet tea and freshly baked cookies when guests come over. For us, pouring sweet tea from the store is simply not an option, even when we're in a rush. Why? Homemade sweet tea always tastes better. Plus, you can customize it to your taste preference, and add additional flavors such as mint or lemons. You can even add refreshing, fruity flavors such as peach puree or raspberry syrup for the hot summer season.

Presentation is key for a proper get together, and no one likes cloudy iced tea that looks unfiltered. The best sweet tea drink spreads offer clear sweet tea that's poured in a mason glass and well-garnished with lemon slices on the rim. It's fairly easy to have clear iced tea every time. The trick? After boiling, let the tea cool at room temperature before adding cold water and ice. Adding this step prevents the tannins and caffeine from binding together which is the usual culprit behind cloudy iced tea.

Make a batch of sweet iced tea and keep it on hand in a glass pitcher for when guests drop by. Trust us, everyone will be impressed not only by the taste of this homemade iced sweet tea, but also by the clear appearance of this refreshing drink.

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